Monday, February 25, 2008

Killer Elmo

I heard on the radio this morning that some lady in Tampa had bought her son one of the new Elmo dolls. It was one of those that could teach your kid the ABC's, numbers, etc....Anyway, when she changed out the batteries, something must have gone wrong with the circuits or something because afterwards, all it would say is "Kill James".


Gimme a good ol' Cabbage Patch doll or Pound Puppy anyday. Toys are getting too high tech these days.

I can remember having one of those Chubbles. They were this alien looking thing that kinda looked like an Ewok. When you waved your hand in front of its face, it would make this like bird chirping noise. It was motion activated which I guess was the point of the toy. Anyway, it would freak me out because after I had had it a while, it would start to go off when it was way across the room and no one was walking in front of it or waving their hand in front of its face or anything like that.

Killer Elmo......heh.


Mama Dawg

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