Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jolly Mon by Jimmy Buffett

There is a tale that the island people tell
Don't care if it is true 'cause I love it so well.
Jolly Mon sang for his supper every night
The people fed him well 'cause he treated them so right

Oh Jolly Mon sing
Oh make Orion ring

And they wanted him to sing on the islands near and far
He always found his way by Orion the lucky star
He'd tell them of their joys, he'd tell them of their woes
They'd love to see him come and hate to see him go

Oh Jolly Mon sing
Oh make the music ring

He was making his way home on a dark and stormy night
When he heard a cry for help, he saw a flashing light
When he reached the other boat and offered him a hand
They said, "Give us all your cargo." as they took a pirate stand

Oh Jolly Mon sing
Oh give them everything

"Jolly Mon we know you - Sing your last song very well"
They tossed him in the ocean cause their hearts were made in hell
Came along a dolphin, he said, "Jolly Mon Hello"
"I've always loved your singing - climb on board and don't let go."

Oh Jolly Mon sing
Oh make the oceans ring

The night was filled with magic as they bid the sea goodbye
They swam into the heavens - they stayed up in the sky
And all the island people when they wish upon a star
See the dolphin and the Jolly Mon who tell them where they are

Oh Jolly Mon sing
Oh make the heavens ring
Oh Jolly Mon sing
Oh make the magic ring

This is by far, my favorite Jimmy Buffett song. It tells such a sweet tale of the Jolly Mon. I can just picture this story happening. The lyrics are sweet but when you hear it put to music, it's so beautiful. If you can find this on-line to listen to, please do so. I wish I had known about this song when light of my life was small. I would have played this for her every night before she went to bed. Keep in mind, this is my favorite song. It's not one of his most popular but I just love it.



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