Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Heart Rigs

I love Tim Riggins. I mean, LOVE….scratch that, maybe I should say LUST.

That boy is gorgeous.

In case you have no clue who I’m talking about, just go to and check him out under Friday Night Lights.

He’s a character on this phenomenal show.

If you have not seen it, RUN, don’t walk to your nearest Wal-Mart store. They have the first season on DVD for $19.99 plus additional scenes on a separate DVD for $5.

My friend Jodi has been watching this show and has talked about it on her own blog. (Thanks Jodi, for mentioning this repeatedly on your blogs as it reminded me to not only get the DVD’s but to watch them….you also inspired me to try out “Dexter” now that it’s on the local channels on Sunday nights…..I love this show).

I have the movie on DVD. I bought it before the show was on the air. I got it for a few reasons:

1. It’s about football.
2. It starred Billy Bob Thornton
3. It was directed by Peter Berg

I love all three of those things. I should have put Peter Berg first since he’s the real reason I bought the movie. I adore Peter Berg.

Anyway, when I heard they were making a TV show out of this movie (and book), I knew I had to watch it.

When I found out that Kyle Chandler was starring as Coach Taylor… was a must see. I’ve loved Kyle Chandler since Homefront. Remember that show? It was set in WWII days? He was so beautiful then and is even more so now.

Then, I found out that it was coming on opposite of a show that I watched. I forget what it was now. They’ve moved this show around a couple of times. I chose to watch the established show instead of catching this one. Then they moved it again and I still couldn’t watch it.

By now, I had missed the whole first season. I never even started watching the second season due to other things happening (moving, trying to get settled, football games, etc…).

I finally bought the DVD’s at Wal-Mart and just started watching it last week.

The first episode was….I don’t have the words. This show is so real. The reactions that the actors have, the camera work, the average-ness of the people. I can’t even begin to tell you about the first episode. It would take 10 pages just to describe it.

The actors are well chosen (except for Minka Kelly as Lyla….she sucks). The actors are able to portray so much with just a look or just a few actions. The complexities of the characters are what make this so rich. I know people like this. For anybody living in a small football town, you can “see” a real person you know in each of these characters.

Coach Taylor has this enormous weight on his shoulders. It’s not just about winning games for the sake of winning games. The town EXPECTS him to win games and to take the “boys” to State. The Mayor herself gives the football players and the coaches’ advice and veiled threats of what would happen if they don’t win. This coach is hit from every angle by people who have advice and ideas and threats. How he keeps from hitting everyone that comes up to him, I don’t know.

Matt Sarencen is so understated but spot on as the nervous and socially awkward new QB1. You can actually see him grow in each episode.

Tim Riggins can take control of a whole scene with just one look.

Just as an example of the realism in this show. There’s one scene in an episode where he’s in the kitchen talking with his brother and they’re getting pissed at each other. He’s standing up eating something and starts talking with his mouth full. In most TV shows, they want you to be able to speak your words so the viewing audience can catch every one. Here, they show what people all over the world do every day. Talking with their mouth full. I know that’s corny and that’s it’s really small, but it’s just one example of the details they put into this show.

Peter Berg nailed this show.

I now watch 3-4 episodes a NIGHT. After light of my life goes to sleep. Which is at 9 pm. This means I’m up til about 1 am every night watching this show.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted.

But it’s so worth it.

Go to to find out what you can do to save this show.

It’s endangered because of some idiots in upper management of NBC.

Don’t get rid of my Coach Taylor or Tim Riggins. I don’t know what I’ll do.

If there is going to be a third season, you better believe it will be a priority show for me.

Check it out. You won’t be sorry, I promise.


Mama Dawg

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sad thing is that tim riggins was already told that he could take a role in a movie... meaning that fnl probably isn't going back into production. i can't believe this quality quality show is going to be cancelled (unless the cw picks it up..)

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