Friday, February 6, 2009

Totally Random Post For Like The 541st Time

Normally I do a photo on Fridays, but I'm tapped out right now on photos I want to share.

So, you get a totally random useless post.

This morning on the way into work, I heard a song I have not heard in AGES!!!!! And I had totally forgotten about it.

It put such a smile on my face.

Here's a vid. It's just a vid with the song playing and the lyrics running across the screen, so there's not much there visually.

Here's a random sampling of crap that I've twittered recently.

I keep telling you people I have useless info in my head, but no one seems to believe me. Or if you do, you choose to overlook it.

"I got Rick rolled by my own iPod. Dammit!"

"I look like a freakin' Muppet w/my shaggy hair & I had a piece of glitter on my chin. Such is my life. Sigh...*closing eyes in exasperation*."

"I always get all warm inside whenever I win a game of Klondike on my iPod & all the Kings clap & holler & cheer for me & my win! Yay me!"

"Whenever I listen to "Give It Up To Me" I always forget I'm a white southern chick instead of a black Jamaican man. I heart you Sean Paul!"

"chasing dragons with plastic swords"....futility at its best.

"reggae always reminds me of drinking raspberry beer and painting at Virginia's house while her dogs drove us mad. Ahhhh...I miss those days."

"How is it possible for there to be "Too Many Fish in the Sea"? Have you seen the sea? It's frickin' HUGE!"

"Oh, Uncle Kracker, you can eat crackers in my bed anytime. As long as you sing "Aces & 8's" to me while making crumbs."

"I'm in such a Rizzo mood today."

"Kid Rock, when you sing "Fat Bottomed Girls" I so want be your bitch!"

"Psssttt....don't tell the Baptist Nazis I work for, but I'm listening to "Closer" by NIN on my iPod. Shhh......."

"Answer me this, what does Elvis mean when he sings "like the one-eyed cat, peepin' in the sea-food store"?"

"Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche" so nice 2 know that someone @ least is wrapping up their sanitary products, even if it's men."

"Have you noticed that I'm only funny in my own head? No?"

"It's been-a-fish-you-air-eeee.....not been-a-fish-you-ware-wee....silly woman."

And, I did manage to find a photo I wanted to share. It's actually over there on the right side of my blog, but here it is larger.

She got to order 21 BOOKS from the scholastic book order forms and she was ecstatic! Here they are all spread out!

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting planned?


Mama Dawg

22 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


First!!! Ha! Take that, bitches!


ooh, and second too! woohoo!

I love your tweets.. they keep me entertained ALL day.

and? I LOVE that song.. I've never heard that version, just the original. But I used to sing it ALL the time when I was younger..

'They're coming to take me away! HA HA!!'

(I know... they should. They really should.)

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

I love random!!

This weekend me and the boyfriend are going around my house and fixing stuff...well I am going around my house and telling him what he needs to fix! : )

Have a great weekend!

Jaden Paige

Your tweets are funny!! :)

Irish Gumbo

Tweet away, dahling! Quite funny.

And I didn't know you liked NIN. You naughty girl...

" an get me closer to God..." heehee

Mama Dawg

Yeah, IG, that happens to be my favorite lines in the song......cause it's soooooooo true. Well, if done right, that is! *wink*

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

I am planning a sucky weekend of catching up on work. wishing you a much better one than me Mama.


I too love that NIN song. Your musical tweets cracked me up.


Let's see...this weekend I have been informed I will be working on Saturday, which ruins my stay in bed all day Saturday routine...but I suppose since they are paying me OR letting me have a day off next week, I won't bitch too much.

Sunday I will be in bed all day.

Tonight, after work, I will be at the bar...see you there?!?

Mama Dawg

You know I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could.

Dammit, I need to look to see how far it is to Savannah. Who knows? It might be doable!

Mama Dawg

Nope, too far. It's like 10 hours!

Captain Dumbass

I'm going to take a LOT of cold medication with a LOT of coffee and see what that does. Then I'll go grocery shopping with my father in law. Woot!

Mama Dawg

Have someone video tape it, please!!!!!


:Looking for the link to follow you on twitter!:

Mama Dawg

You found me! I'm following back!


I love following your tweets.. This weekend I will be escaping my house and all that live there. Because I am smart


Isn't that song originally from the Dr. Demento show?


I'm Baptist, but I'm not a Nazi. And we TOTALLY have Closer on our sex playlist.

Yeah, I just said that. On your blog. I did.

"You let me violate let me desecrate you..."

That's just good stuff right there.


We like NIN over here.

Man, do I remember making those book orders when I was a kid. My parents always let me order lots of stuff. Unfortunately, when my kids were of book order age, I had to ration the $$ after the Big D. Eh, we still had plenty of books, though.


"Are they coming to take you away...haa,haa?" Haven't heard that one in FOREVER!!!
I'm a Huge NIN fan!!!


these r my favorite blogs! i love your random thoughts it lets me know im not alone!


this is the 2nd time i've heard the term 'rick rolled' in the past 2 days! what the hell are you ppl talking about??????!! plz fill me in!!

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