Thursday, February 19, 2009

"With Relish"

I have lots of stuff to talk about but nothing's finalized yet. I still haven't figured out how to tell you exactly what happened last week. I wrote the Army Captain a letter and he should receive it any day now. I think the letter actually sums it all up pretty well but until I know he's had time to receive and absorb it, I'm not gonna share. I might never share. I'm thinking about maybe just sharing some excerpts from it because it ties in to what I've been struggling with over the past few days.

Whew...that said, I got nothing.

I was at Wal-Mart last night and found myself a little pick me up.

Is that not the AWESOMEST thing EVER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm not a Barbie collector. I love Barbies and played with them religiously when I was younger. My daughter is a HUGE Barbie fan as well.

However, I've never paid more than $20 for a Barbie. I don't collect them and keep them in their little plastic boxes never to be opened and played with. I am a FIRM believer that if you buy a toy, duh, you rip the box open and play with it IMMEDIATELY. That's why they're TOYS!

Anyway, I saw this in the clearance section last night and I HAD TO HAVE IT!

I'm a HUGE Grease fan and Rizzo was by far my favorite character. About 80% of my waking day, I feel like a Rizzo. I connect with her in a HUGE way.

Yeah, this totally made my week. I got a Rizzo doll. And for only $10!

Told you I could shop!


Mama Dawg

28 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

You are turning into quite the mystery.

Mama Dawg

Sorry! I don't mean to be!

Mommy Mo

Yeah for clearance sections!

I'll still be around if and when you are ready to share.


That is a really cool Barbie. Would you believe I saw that movie when it premiered? I was in junior high!

Irish Gumbo

I saw that movie multiple times in the theater.

At the time I had such a crush on Rizzo...

Mama Dawg

See, that's totally why we click, IG.


rizzo was my fav. she was just so damn SNARKY. i'll be here if you ever wanna share. or not. i'll still be here. cuz yer funny. and i like ya. and. i'm sorry but i have this weird need to know what happens with the rat. :)


LOL, I LOVED Rizzo! I must have watched that movie over 20 times, easy.

I have taught dance classes to the soundtrack over the years too!

Nice shopping...

Twenty Four At Heart

When I'm in a bad mood I can always count on the Grease soundtrack to pick up my spirits! There's just something about that movie!


I don't even know how many times I've seen that movie. Love it! What a cool bargain. That's totally my way of shopping.

I know I have missed something...who is Army Captain? Bear with me as I catch up. :-)


Rizzo rules!

Mom Taxi Julie

God I loved Grease when I was a kid. When your kids watch it though, you realize all the BAD things in that movie lol. Not that that means that I don't let them watch it, since obviously it flew right over MY head when I was a kid lol.


I love Wal-Mart. That place is better than Disney world.

Hope you get to feeling better.


You should put Rizzo by your computer at work. She totally rocks.


Hope all is well with you. You should be getting something in the mail with something extra special for you; :)


Did you follow your own rule, open it up, and play with it?

Captain Dumbass

Does that little music thing say Rizzo stuff?


Oh, wow, I LOVE it!
I am SUCH a Grease fan! Anytime it comes on TV, I will drop everything to watch it. Doesn't matter if I catch it at the middle or near the end. Best. Movie. Ever!
And how cool is Rizz? What a great score! :)

Snooty Primadona

I'm pretty sure Grease was what launched Stockard Channing's career. Rizzo was the best & had to be much more fun than palying the part of a goody-two-shoes.

I didn't even know they made dolls for Grease, but I'm glad you found one for your own, on sale no less.

Swirl Girl

Rizzo was , what - like 30 in high school? I always did prefer her to sickenly sweet Sandy!

sassy stephanie

I've always been a fan of the bad ass too. Sandy dressed in that get up, high heels and big hair still isn't the same. Love me some Rizzo. And fave all time movie.


How awesome is that! Congrats on such a find! I was the girl that wanted to be Rizzo, but just couldn't walk the talk. She's one tough cookie and I love that about her!


Rizzo is like.. my lovah. My hero... I <3 Rizzo.


I think if I had my very own Rizzo Barbie I would be a much happier person. Seeing yours made me smile.;)


Love Rizzo...I'll forgive the Walmart transgression. ;) Thinking of you.


Gotta love Grease...and Barbie. BARBIES were awesome. I still want to buy them, to this day. I always have to walk down the pink aisle at the toy store.


Boy, I am NOT looking forward to having to "play Barbies" with my daughter. I don't really get what you're supposed to do with them.

Laaaaaaame. She doesn't even shoot anything.

They should make a Sarah Palin Barbie, or something.


Do you like Rizzo cause you're both loose and easy?

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