Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Love It When It's All About Me

Pseudonymous High School Teacher sent me some questions for me to answer when I had a free chance. Well, I had a free chance.

Enjoy! P.S. If you're not reading her...why the hell not? First of all, she lives in Hawaii and post the most awesome pics and videos. If that's not enough of a draw....well, dammit, that should be enough right there. I dare you to go read her. She's like a bag of Lay's chips. You can't eat just one. Or, in this case, read just one entry.

1. If you could hook up with anyone for one week of the hottest sex ever, and it could be anywhere, where would you go and who would YOU do? (in honor of Mondays at Mama's)

Hmmmm....Birmingham, AL with an ex-boyfriend from high school who's now a Captain in the Army and is getting ready to be deployed BACK to the Middle East in July.

Oh, did I tell you guys that my ex-boyfriend from high school that's a Captain in the Army made plans for us to meet up in Birmingham next weekend? No? My bad. Sorry.

2. If you could time travel back in time or forward in time for an afternoon of hanging out and chatting, what time period would you visit and who would you visit with?

Hands down, easiest question.

My grandmother when she was young and hot and awesome back during WWII. She had some adventures. And when I say that, I mean clean healthy fun adventures, not wild ones (no sarcasm, my grandmother was a good girl). Her stories are so awesome from back in that time. And she was a stunner, I tell ya. I'd love to watch the men who watched her (not that she would have ever known they were watching her) as she walked down the street.

3. Someone wants to set you up in business and is willing to invest one million dollars. You have to use this to start your own business. What business would you go into?

I'd love to say my jewelry making, but if I'm gonna be realistic about this, I would have to say setting up some sort of warehouse/shipping business over the Internet. People always need things to be stored and then shipped when sold. But, I've not given this much thought. It was just off the top of my head.

4. You are going to be given one superpower. What do you want and why?

Invisibility. I'm a voyeur.

5. If you won a two week vacation with LOML to anywhere, where would you like to take her?

As much as I hate to be cliched, I gotta go with Disney World. I would love to take her some place new and different and with some more history, but if it's a free trip for two weeks and I want a guarantee we'll have an incredible time? Yeah, it's Disney. It NEVER fails to put a smile on our faces.


Mama Dawg

23 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I would pick Disney too. I can't get enough of that place. I mean it changes everytime you go so really you aren't doing the same things over and over again. But it stays familiar enough that you know where you are.

Irish Gumbo

Hey, I'M going to be in Birmingham next weekend, how 'bout that*? How big is this guy? And how fast can he run? You little minx...;)

Sink the money into jewelry. Do it!

*I'm kidding. I'll be in Maryland:(

Mama Dawg

Damn, Irish. You really know how to screw up a girls weekend, ya know? Choices, choices! ;)

And he was never tall, but he IS an Army Captain after all and has been fighting in the Middle East for a while. I'm PRETTY sure he knows his way around a gun. ;)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Awesome answers Mama. I love the top of your head busniess. Very savvy. While it made you a load of money you could probaby kick back and make jewelry and blog.

Love the phot in the sidebar of LOML with her book spread.

And thanks for the shout out. Very cool of you. I have never had my blog called a bag of chips before. What fun!

Jaden Paige

I absolutely LOVE Disney. I mean, I find myself on their site, browsing around, trying to canoodle my way into somehow being able to afford a vacation all the time. I am constantly planning vacations that won't happen, just to see how far we are from making them happen. If that makes any sense. :P


Hey, I want to hear more about this guy from high school who is in the army!!!
It's all about ME you know! :)

Mama Dawg

Kat-EXACTLY the reason why I love Disney.

Pseudo-I love that photo, too. She was so excited to get that many new books in one sitting. And, you're welcome!

Jaden-I heart Disney so much it's not even funny. They have contest going on right now to win free trips.

Mama Dawg

Robin-Believe me, you'll get to hear all about him! But, not til later. I gotta have something good to tell, ya know?


Um, have a good weekend?


YEAH!! I would totally do Disney too. Okay, as for the hot hook-up on the calendar, you go girl!

Mama Dawg

Cocette-Thanks! I'm sure to!

2 to 1-Awww...Thanks! Yep, Disney freak over here.


Excellent answers. And I want all the dirt after this weekend. You're gonna spill it, sister!!

Mama Dawg

Heather-it's actually Valentine's weekend, but believe me, you'll know the deets. No worries!

Twenty Four At Heart

Do you know I've never been to Disney World? And neither have any of my 3 kids. I guess that's because we live so close to Disneyland. Now I feel like I need to fly to Florida.

Swirl Girl

What great questions!! And what thoughtful answers!

Captain Dumbass

#4. Right on, GF.

Mama Dawg

24-NEVER? Oh, woman, go, go, go, go, go! It's HUGE and FUN!


CD-I knew you'd like #4. Of everyone I know, I knew it would be you that would respond to that one!


hahaahaha i'd choose disney too. bc two weeks free? duh. then i could spend all the money i saved up on dorky hats and sweatshirts and ice cream and most importantly? drinkin' round the world.

Mama Dawg

I knew you'd like that option, Lo!


Why you little hoochie mamadawg you.

Mama Dawg

You know it, baby!

Trooper Thorn

So, I guess you won't be posting next week eh?


Love Disney and LURVE Pseudonymous High School Teacher! Have a great weekend! *wink wink nudge nudge*

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