Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

This one is titled: "Where Is Rizzo?"

Well, by the photo, you can tell that she's at my place of business. Just hanging around watching me work.

She's awesome, isnt' she?

When I opened the box and took her out, of course, I started playing with her.

And I discovered something VERY Rizzo like of her when you pulled her arms straight back.

I swear, she'd be a hit at Mardi Gras.

And yes, that is my daughter forcing her to do that.

I expect my Mother of the Year award in the mail any day now.

If you want to have some more foto fun, head on over to Candid Carrie's.


Mama Dawg

23 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Jaden Paige

LOL! That is great!


She's very cool! You need to give her a little cigarette - or make a little pack that you can stuff in the top of her dress...

sassy stephanie

Too funny. Too bad she doesn't talk.


I am APPALLED, SHOCKED and UTTERLY...PROUD that you are teaching your daughter the way of the Marti Gras celebration! The art of boob flashage is something take practice and a certain amount of finesse. I am a little teary eyed...oh, wait, that was from laughing so hard!


hahahhhahahaha ohmahgawd i love it. LOVE. IT.


You need to make her some tiny green and purple beads to throw around her neck.....we've seen your Etsy shop and know you can do it, Mama!


Aaahhhhhhhhahahahaha. Show 'em baby, show 'em.


too funny.
we just watched Grease on Friday.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Rizzo is my favorite too.


*throwing rizzo her well deserved beads!*


Bahahahaha....I agree a pack of smokes would complete the outfit!


Oh that is too funny! I bet she can put her legs behind her head too!
What? I'm a total perv!


I LOVE it! I am so easily amused that this video and doll just has me ROFLMAO1 I love dolls anyway.

Soldier without a War

THIS SOOO MADE ME LAUGH!!! ha ha. love it!


Mmmmm nice. Not sure about that Mother of the Year award, I think a friend of mine got it when her kid threw stones at the neighbour's cats...

Ha, couldn't resist.

Thanks for dropping by.


forget my hula bobble girls....I want one of those!!!!

Swirl Girl

that's been my problem all these years as well....who knew I was made by Mattel.

Captain Dumbass

Plastic boobies, heh heh.


You should make some beads for Rizzo.

Twenty Four At Heart

She's a flasher of boobage ... just like YOU!

Middle Aged Woman

all she needs is a tiny string of beads!

The Panic Room

HA!! That was amazing. How long did that take you to figure out. Are you considering maybe painting some nipples on that thing? That would really get the bigger beads.

Robin Costello

That was cute! I wish I had some beads. ;)

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