Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yeah, that's on some guys ass.

Who has this much TIME on their hands?


Mama Dawg

17 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

Bobby G

WTF is the perfect explanation for that! Im speechless, and I talk...A LOT! lol

Jaden Paige

I think I saw that on someone else's blog yesterday... So everyone in the 'sphere is pretty much saying WTF about this one!! :)

It's so busy I can't even really figure out what it is supposed to be! lol...


Someone with ALOT of time on their hands...errr...ass.


Tee hee!


Well, now, that is just strange. WTF is right.


I really wasn't sure what that was. So, I clicked on your picture. Are those embroidered jeans? Like someone created that on a pair of jeans? What does the "rope" say? I am fascinated.


I think the bigger question is WHY? LOL!


What guy wears embroidery? Are you sure that's not a woman?

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

I think he needs a better ass and a better fit to pull this off.


It's... pretty!

Jennifer and Sandi

Wow, I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of those? He best not leave the house!

Happy Thursday!

- Jennifer

Captain Dumbass

Someone who wants someone else to be spending a lot of time on his ass. Not that I'm judging.

Swirl Girl

Please don't tell me that that is a picture of someone's tattoo of a saggy pair of jeans on a saggy ass and that is indeed a real pair of saggy jeans on a saggy ass.

Trooper Thorn

Don't inmates have that much time?

Irish Gumbo

Mama Dawg, you promised me you wouldn't post that photo! I'll be a laughing stock!

Wait...I was already a laughing stock...

Ah, never mind!


Stacy and Clinton firmly oppose the embroidery on the ass. It's time to nominate!!!!


It's also not that nice of an ass to be 'emphasized' so... errr... brightly!(?)

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