Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'Tis the Season

Wonder what LOML is up to now that school's out for the summer?

No clue.


Mama Dawg

20 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Looks like she is off to have a lot of fun.

Jaden Paige

hehe... I miss having summers off, dammit! ;)

Bobby G

Little kids will swim when its 60 out and the water is 40! they dont give a shit!

sassy stephanie

So, is this pond-in or pool-in?

Can't believe she is already out! We get out NEXT Thursday! Stupid IKE!

Mama Dawg

Steph-City pool. She's so excited. She thought she would be too nervous to jump off the diving board cause it's been a year since she's done it. But, nope. She's still a pro. She had a blast yesterday. She's gonna pretty much be there every day from 12:30 to 5:30 from now til August!

She got out last Thursday.


same place that i go every day!!!! (in my head)

Melanie D

Schools out already???? We still have another month left to go!!


Oh how I miss those days of endless summer fun!

Middle Aged Woman

Obviously there are benefits to starting school at the beginning of August! My son has his last final tomorrow, but the seniors are the only ones done that early.


Wow! We still have over 2 weeks to go. I've missed you around these parts, Mama!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

I'm right there - come June 10th...


That's what i used to do during the summer


I like the way she thinks!

Trooper Thorn

From the pictures I'm guessing she is spending alot of time in your bathroom over the summer?


My girls have been out since last week, too. They are on swim team, so they practice every morning. And then we end up back in the afternoon. Yesterday they took two showers (with blonde girlies, green hair is always a possibility.)!

Irish Gumbo

What is this vacation of which you speak?

(sigh) I guess I need to find my towel....

Twenty Four At Heart

I wish school was out here. We're not done until June 19th. Sigh .....!


Hmm,thinking, thinking.

I am going to enjoy every minute with my kids this summer before I head back to work after Christmas. Take pix!!

Captain Dumbass

So lucky.

Candid Carrie

There is no towel large enough to make me feel comfortable underneath it ;)

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