Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ready to Random?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Tuesday is the dedicated Random day around here in bloggie land, but you know what? Tuesday just doesn't feel like a very random day to me. I'm never in a random mood then, ya know?

Plus, doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of being random? Kind of like planning to be spontaneous.


Sigh........will May 31st EVER get here?


Captain Dumbass promised me a polar bear but I've yet to see it. It's probably hung up in customs or it's being quarantined for potential swine flu or it was arrested for smuggling crack up its...well, crack.


I've mastered the art of invisibility.


I've mastered the art of feigned anger while trying to hide my lack of credibility.


I've also mastered the art of random mysterious postings within a blog post.


I finally conquered the automatic flushing toilet that gives me performance anxiety whenever I'm forced to use that potty instead of the old fashioned toilet that you flush using your foot so you don't have to touch it.

I put toilet paper over the sensor.

That'll teach it to splash my ass again.


I still have performance anxiety though. Can't shake the feeling that it's gonna find a way to peer around the toilet paper and get me in a sneak attack.


LOML and I have been playing a lot of rummy these days. My mom taught her how to play and like everyone in our family, she's already a pro.

Seriously, I've only won ONCE in like 12 games against her.

And I'm that mean parent that never let her win or gave her a break when playing games. It's all about teaching how to lose gracefully.

Someone forgot to teach me how, though!

No, seriously, she's a card shark. Or sharp. I can never remember which one it is. Do you know?


While we're playing rummy, we listen to music. LOML got a Monkees c.d. from the Easter Bunny and she's now hooked to Davey, Mickey et al.....

I found a song on there that I had never heard before and am in LOVE. We play it on repeat. All the time.

I tried to find a youtube video with it, but I couldn't.

It's called Heart and Soul and it's one that they did when they did that reunion tour back in the 80's.

It's addictive.


I find the way people from India speak to be so lyrical. I used to *snort* and *giggle* when I heard them speak, but after watching "Slumdog Millionaire" and listening to interviews with them on NPR (shut up), I'm now in love with the way they speak.


LOML is getting some award on Friday. She doesn't know how many. Last year, they told us she was getting an award and she walked away with 5 of them!

I'm letting her assume that I can't make it due to work, but I talked to my boss and she's letting me come in real early on Friday to do my important work then I'll be off at 11. I'll be able to make it to the award ceremony. It's gonna be a surprise.


I'm listening to "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera as I type this.


I'm so disappointed that Helen won on The Biggest Loser last night. I thought Tara deserved it but I really wanted Mike to win it. I want to write him a letter asking him not to date or fall in love or get married for the next 10 years. He'll be 29 then and LOML will be 19. I'll overlook the 10 year age difference because he's such a GOOD GUY! They're so hard to come by, I want to reserve him for LOML.


It smells like hot peppers in here.


Mama Dawg

17 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

sassy stephanie

Ummmm, I dunno what to say. That's pretty unusual, don'tchathink?

Mama Dawg

What part?

Gaston Studio

I totally agree with you about random being random and not just on Tuesdays. So glad you've arranged to be at the awards ceremony, what a surprise!


Randomness rocks. Congrats to LOML with her awards. That is so cool that you will be able to attend the ceremony. She will always remember this stuff.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

LOML and I have another thing in common. The Monkeys was the first LP I ever bought, and my older sister gave me a lot of shit about being a teeny bopper. But I was one.

Twenty Four At Heart

You're a great mom - she will be so thrilled to see you there! : )

Captain Dumbass

I'm still working on the polar bear. Right now they're eating baby seals so it's best not to disturb them. Plus, postage is going to be a bitch.


I used to hold my purse in front of the potty sensor so middle child would go potty. Very annoying invention, that!

Bobby G

Some good stuff! i think Indian people sound so lyrical because they dont embrace the contraction. It is not DONT, it is DO NOT! Etc. Listen to them speak!

Jaden Paige

But then LOYL would have the sheisty slobfather as a Father-In-Law! No way!

I wanted Tara to win... I felt like she deserved it the most :)

Jennifer and Sandi

Take pictures of your Polar Bear when he arrives from customs.

I would love to learn how to play rummy! Lucky!!

Happy Friday Eve!

- Jennifer


Toilet paper over the sensor! AMAZING! Why didn't I THINK OF THAT?!? GAH!


Please tell me how to master the art of invisibility.

That word has a lot of "i's" in it.


I love your randomness.

LOML is getting awards, woohoo!! I love that you're going to surprise her.

I love Phantom of the Opera Music. It's so moving. I saw it on Broadway in the 8th grade and fell in love.

Middle Aged Woman



FYI post it notes work really well at hiding that little sensor on those annoying toilets...but then you have to remember to keep them in your purse. Love the randomness!

Mommy Mo

OK, seriously, I hate getting splashed in the ass by the electronic toilets that get trigger happy. I also long for toilets that I can flush with my foot!

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