Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mama Needs Some Cash

As most of you know, we're getting ready to go visit the Mouse next weekend.

Even though I got a great deal on my package (hee, hee, I said package), you still need some spending know, for food and whatnot.

I've saved up some but could always use a little more.

My creative juices got to flowing recently (funny how that worked out when I needed some spare cash) and I made some new earrings and lanyards for my etsy shop.

I have this one pair of earrings that I bought way back in my early 20's. I paid about $10 for them. I adore them and wear them often.

I took a good hard look at them one day and realized that I could easily make them. And sell them for a lot less.

Below are the earrings that were spawned out of that creative thought.

If you see a pair you like, please, by all means, head on over the right side of my blog and click on my etsy shop. I've got tons more than what I've shown on here. These are just my personal favs.

Now that it's the end of the school year, some of you may be wondering what to get that special teacher in your kids life as a thank you for edumacatin' your kid.

My lanyards are the PERFECT gift for any teacher. They keep their pockets free of i.d. badges and keys.

If you don't have a teacher in your life (or, really, your kids life), you can always purchase one of these bad boys for any lady in your life that has an office job where badges or keys are an everyday item that they use. Not only are they handy, but they're pretty, too!

Again, this is just a small sampling of what I've made recently. Head on over to my shop to see more!

This is one of my more INEXPENSIVE lanyards that I've made. Since the economy has taken a dump on many of our finances, I made a few lanyards that are mostly made up of acrylic (as opposed to glass, which many of mine are made from) beads. I sell them for about half the price of the regular ones.

LOML got in a creative mood as well and made several new pairs of earrings as well as 2 bracelets.

If you have a little girl in your life, you will want to check out her latest creations. She also takes special orders. Just drop her an e-mail or a convo and she'll get cracking on it. Just ask Sassy Stephanie. She'll tell you!

LOML's etsy is over the right, as well. Just click and peruse!

Thanks everyone for indulging me in a bit of self-promotion. Some of my best customers have come from my loyal blog readers.


Mama Dawg

9 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I love the earrings. Especially the green pair. It is always good to let those creative juices flow. I will be heading over to your shop to check things out.

sassy stephanie

I bought impersonal gift cards for the teachers in our lives. BUT, how great would it be to include some fancy schmancy earrings too? Heading over now.


I love those turquoise earrings. You know, you inspired me to start making my own jewelry (mainly earrings and necklaces). It could not be a better outlet. I'm going to peep your shop now!


DAMN IT! Larkin beat me! I was going to say that Larkin has been jewelry making up a storm these days thanks to you!

Anywho, I like all those! And strangely the I like the coffee cups too! I am going to go shopping in your store now...


That's some nice looking stuff! I do need to place an order...I'm just a little low on funds at the moment.

Twenty Four At Heart

I love how you show the earrings hanging on the cups. LOVE IT! : )

Bobby G

unfortunately, my cock prevents me from buying any of that stuff! Despite its beauty!


I think a LOT of us are a little low on funds lately....but, you can save a little money by bringing your own snacks crackers, fruit chews, apples....just a thought.


Award at my place.

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