Friday, March 14, 2008


This past Saturday was kind of weird.

I had to drive out to the vet's office (30 minutes away) to get some flea meds for the boys. I always love going to the vet's office (when it's for routine things like flea meds or cat food, not when I have to take the boys for something) because there's always animals there (imagine that!). When I arrived at the office, the cat that lives there was outside grooming herself. I reached down to pet her and she decided she liked me and wanted to play. I stayed outside for a couple of minutes playing with her and then went inside. I informed them of what I needed and they told me it would be a few minutes since they were training someone new and they had also gotten a new systems that they were still trying to figure out. I wasn't in a hurry, so I sat down. An older lady was in there with her golden retriever dog, Ben. Ben was about 5 months old and HUGE!!! I mean, massive. And he was ONLY 5 MONTHS OLD!!!!

Anyway, Ben was a big old sofite and he let me pet him and play around with him for a while. I love dogs. I can't wait to get one.

A few minutes later, someone else arrived at the office and when they opened the door, the vet's cat came waltzing in and walked right past Ben totally ignoring him (however, Ben's rear end was wiggling so much I really thought it might fall off at one point). She came right to me and hopped in my lap! I love it when animals do that.

This story has absolutely no point. I just thought it was cool. I'm such a kid that way. I get so excited by the simplest things. I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm leaning towards good since it seems to keep me "up" and happy most of the time. Like that whole snow thing. That just tickled me to no end.

Anyway, I rushed back home to pick up light of my life since I told her we would go by the library for a few minutes before they closed at noon.

I swung by the house and picked her up. We made it to the library 15 minutes before it closed. However, I couldn't see either librarians cars and I got a sick feeling that they had already closed. It wasn't that big of a deal, I just hated that I rushed for nothing.

Anyway, light of my life was right in the middle of a game on her DS, so she decided to stay in the car for a couple of minutes til she could stop to save the game.

I walked on up to the door and noticed all the lights off. However, the door opened. I stepped inside and called out. No one answered. I started getting scared.....see there's that little kid thing coming back out. I've seen way too many scary movies that started off like this!

Anyway, I called out and got no response. I walked around and noticed that no one was there.

The library has about 4-5 computers and DVD's so I knew that I couldn't just leave the library open and unlocked. I called my mom back at the house and got her to look up the librarians home numbers (this is a real small town). She read them to me and I called each librarian. Neither answered. I called my mom back and got her to get me the number for Mrs. N's son who is a local attorney and literally lived a block from the library. I called him and explained the situation and he said that his mother probably just forgot to lock the door on her way out. Seriously, with all that computer equipment? She is a little daft, but still. Anyway, he told me just to lock it up and leave.

Again, there is no point to this story.....but it was a weird thing.

Later that night, we went to a rodeo that was in town. It wasn't too bad. Not a whole lot of excitement in the beginning, but when a few guys started qualifying and then getting thrown off and gored, it got better. Don't worry. Both guys survived.

I thought about rodeos and NASCAR this morning. I'm not a fan of either and started thinking about the concept of both "sports".

On paper, they both sound like the most stupid things you can do.

Think about it.

In NASCAR, you put a human being into a piece of tin (I'm taking creative license here with my descriptions) and they proceed to drive around and around and around and around and around (you get my drift?) at speeds only known to cheetah's and the autobahn all the while, they are surrounded by other pieces of tin doing the same exact thing. To top it off, there's a huge wall that surrounds the track. Do you know what walls are made of? Thick strong stuff. Thick strong stuff that when you hit it going the speed of a cheetah, it could kill you.

This is fun?

As far as rodeo's.....again, think about it. You put a man on the bull with no safety equipment (although I saw a few wearing a catchers mask) on a bull that you have PURPOSELY PISSED OFF and you let them go, praying that they can hold on for a measly 8 seconds just to win a couple thousand dollars and a fancy shmancy title. Again, this is fun?

Yes, yes it is. On paper, it sounds stupid. In real life, it's soooo cool. I can only speak for the rodeo since I haven't been to a NASCAR race, but, man, what a rush.


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