Friday, March 28, 2008


Have you guys seen that commercial for a stain remover? It's the one where the nerdy guy is on a job interview and he has a stain on the left side of his shirt. While he's sitting there answering the interviewer's questions, the stain is loudly talking jibberish over him.

I love that commercial. It makes me laugh every time. That stain is so commanding, I always have to ask my mom what product the commercial is for and all we can remember is that it's for a stain removal product, but not the actual product's name. Tide pen, maybe? I dunno.


I have this sort of magazine that I picked up. It's nothing but classified ads. You know, stuff for sale and stuff people are looking for.

I bought one because it has "free, (insert animal here) to a good home" or they have animals for sale. We're eventually going to get a new pet and I'm just keeping an eye out for what's out there. I'm thinking a beagle or a basset hound, but only if it's free. I do not believe in paying $500 for a pet. No matter how cool it is.

Anyway, light of my life and I go so excited reading through the classifieds. They had TONS of animals for sale. They had dogs, cats, horses, chickens, roosters (or as one classified stated "rosters"), pigs, ferrets, rabbits but the best ones were the PEACOCK and the PIGS!

I totally want a pig! And a PEACOCK!!!!

How cool would that be?!?!?!?!? Then, I would never have to buy my own PEACOCK feathers ever again! Cause you know just by reading this post that I'm the type of person that has PEACOCK feathers all over my house.

Just kidding on the PEACOCK feathers but I think it would be totally cool to have one.

I could just imagine the conversations now:

"Yeah, when you come to where Hwy XYZ meets Hwy 123, take a right by the lady with the PEACOCK's house. You can't miss it"

"Sure, light of my life, you can take Petey (the PEACOCK) to school for show and tell"

"Yeah, you know the crazy PEACOCK lady?"

So cool.......


In this same publication, they have a section called "Find-A-Friend". Yeah, you know what section that is.

I read it for shits and giggles.

Who am I kidding? I read it to see if there was anybody worth writing to. My life is so sad.

(with the exception of the words in blue print, I'm typing these exactly as they appeared, grammar and punctuation intact)

Anyway, the very first one read "Looking for a new start (that should have tipped me off right there). Im 40ish, 5'4" and hazel eyes with brunette hair. Im 140 lbs. Im very outgoing , I love music, outdoors, cooking, and working. Im looking for a sincere person (who isn't) who wants to be happy in life. My release is due in June. I've been incarcerated for 3 years and have had enough of this life. Im looking for a new life. God bless and hope to hear from you soon."

I about fell off the porch swing I was laughing so hard. It was very normal until I got to the incarceration part. Seriously?

That's just the obvious part. I love how they wrote I've but wrote Im. Did they miss that part in school about punctuation?

Not only that, but is this male or female? The only reason I ask is because later on in some ads, there are some incarcerated women writing ads.

I'm gonna write it back. See what happens.

Yes, I'm that lonely.

Actually, I'm just teasing. I'm really not gonna write this person back. I don't think.....

Happy Friday!


Mama Dawg

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