Monday, March 10, 2008

It Stuck, It Stuck, It Stuck

It actually stuck!!!!

It started snowing at the house around 6 pm and light of my life got to see snow for the first time!!! She was thrilled. As soon as my neighbors get back from the campgrounds, I'll post some pics. I have to use their computer to upload pics!

I didn't think it would stuck but it continued to snow off and on overnight so we had a VERY light blanket of snow covering the ground on Saturday morning. I had set my alarm for 6 am just in case it stuck. When I looked outside and saw the snow on the ground, I went in to light of my life's room and asked her if she wanted to play in the snow with me. I've never seen someone jump out of bed and get dressed as fast as that kid.

We had so much fun. We made really crappy snow balls, ate snow, played with the neighbors dog who was going crazy with all the excitement of the snow. So freakin' cool.

It was all melted by 11 am.

Oh, well. At least she got to see some snow!


Mama Dawg

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