Friday, March 7, 2008

Disney World Trivia

I have discovered a new website.

Well, it isn't new to the net and not really that new to me. I've seen it before and sort of skimmed through it but for some reason, recently, I decided to take a closer look.

This is a wickedly awesome website for any Disney fans out there.

I've become obsessed with the games on this site. The games I'm referring to are in the forums. One member post a game to start playing and all members can play. My favorite one is the hangman/wheel of fortune one. Someone puts dashes in place of the letters in a quote from Disney World.

So addicting. Also, Disney character quotes. It really tests your Disney trivia.

I've started listening to Lou Mongello's podcast. He talks about updates, new, rumors, etc....about Disney World. It seems to be updated about once a week. A lot of it's information for those who are going in the near future (refurbishments, closings, dates, etc....) but it's got a whole bunch of other info.

Lou also wrote a Disney Trivia book. I have the second one but not the first one yet.

As a Disney fanatic, I love this book. I bought it sometime last year before we went on our second trip.

Anyway, if you're a Disney fan, this is definitely a site to see.

Check it out.


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