Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear So and So

Dear Lady Walking In Front Of Me This Morning On The Way Into Work:

You know, the sidewalk is made wide enough that two people can walk side by side. Or if that's too uncomfortably close, you can at least walk past a slower walking person.

However, that little fact seemed to have eluded you this morning. Instead, you were bobbing and weaving from side to side worse than Sugar Ray.

Did you not notice me breathing down your neck as I tried to pass you?


Mama Dawg


Dear Co-Worker That Got Pissed At Another Co-Worker For Wanting To Lock The Door:

Yeah, I don't blame them. I would feel like you might steal my shit, too.

Shut your trap and sit down like a good little girl.

No one wants to hear from you. Especially since you're a known liar.

Trust me, Elvis was NEVER married to your matter what she said.

Again Irritated,

Mama Dawg


Dear Captain Dumbass and Middle-Age Woman:

Thank you. Thank you so much for this. It made my day!

Grateful Zombie Lover,

Mama Dawg


Dear Max,

Can you learn to speak human? I need to know what's going on with your foot. You're limping but I can't see the source for the limp.


Mama Dawg


Dear Clock,

Can you please be 2:45?


Mama Dawg

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Dear So and So...


11 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Gahhh I didn't do Dear So and So properly - maybe next time.

I sense a sidwalk theme today with another So & So post - its so hard to soar with eagles when we share the sidewalks with turkeys!!

Mama Dawg

I hear ya!

Middle Aged Woman

I was a little worried to see my name on a Dear So-and-So letter. But thanks for the plug!


Hi Mama Dawg,

Awesome Dear So and So's. Loved every one. Especially the Elvis one. Bursted out laughing on that one. Hilarious!

Go Gators!

Alix at Casa Hice


Wouldn't it be great if our dogs could tell us what's on their mind? Thank God cats can't. That might suck. :-)

Captain Dumbass

Grr, sidewalk wanderers. They're the same people who get in front of you at the mall or the grocery store. I think it's acceptable to push them. Really.


My bird speaks his mind - he whistles a "cat call" everytime I walk in the room. Well, maybe it's not him speaking his mind because that's really all he knows how to whistle, but I can dream right? At least something thinks I'm hot :)

Your wanderer on the sidewalk, I get them in front of me at the grocery store. When I'm in a hurry of course. I wish it were acceptable to hit their ankles with my cart.


Great stuff! I loath 'those people' in the stores who seem to be learking in the isles. GET OUT OF MY WAY! I totally move their carts forcefully. I got shit to do people!


I do something similar on my blog called "letters".
Check it out!


Some people think they own the road; others think they own the sidewalk. GETS ON THE NERVES!


*snicker* married to Elvis eh?

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