Monday, November 2, 2009

Reason # 342 Why I Love My Child

When asked by an elderly lady if she was a bee, she replied...

...."No ma'am, I'm a MONARCH butterfly."

Halloween costume, 2009

Ever seen a butterfly....excuse me, a MONARCH butterfly....with attitude?

How was your Halloween?


11 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


LOVES!!!! That is tooo cute! Krystal took some pictures of a Monarch this weekend! She was taking out the trash and then ZOOOOMED back in real quick asking for a camera. I thought someone was naked out back or something, but no, just turns out there was a beautiful butterfly.


She is just gorgeous! I love all the face paint. I so do not have a talent for that!

Katie had to help out at church last week...and we did not have her costume ready, so she just put together some things we had on hand. Which included butterfly wings and a Viking helmet with long blonde braids. I wonder what kind of butterfly she was...


That is one fabulous costume with an incredible kid wearing it - with 'tude!!!


Great costume!!

Swirl Girl

very creative Monarch butterfly!


She looks great! What a cool costume.
We had a crazy, busy, fun Halloween (there were rats involved too)

My first visit - love your blog!

Middle Aged Woman

You go, Queenie! Monarch is appropriate!


Wonderful! The most beautiful Monarch butterfly I have EVER seen!


People are always getting my kids' costumes wrong too. Really pisses them off! LOML looks fabulous!

Trooper Thorn

You could get two years out of that costume by having her go as a Viceroy butterfly, which mimics the Monarch as a form of protection. Then LOML gets to spend 15 minutes at each house explaining why she isn't a monarch butterfly.


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