Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's Tuesday.

You know what that means.


So.......cow weighing watch commences. No cow weighing today.


You know what, I just realized you have absolutely NO CLUE what that means.

I failed to tell you what my new job is.

I now work for an Extension service for a big university here in my lovely state. I'm the office associate.

I basically answer phones, schedule rentals for the building, type up stuff, e-mail stuff, mail stuff, clean stuff, help people with stuff.

BUT.......what I'm highly anticipating.....and what they PROMISED me I could help with......which now that I think about it, most people might not want to do.....is I get to help weigh COWS! And other livestock!

Weighing cows. It doesn't get any cooler than that.

Ain't life grand?


I had a strange dream last night.

It involved this guy:

and my best friend from high school. Somehow, I ended up with this guy but Jenny either had been involved with him and still liked him or just like him. It was a weird love triangle and I woke up feeling so guilty. We were never really interested in the same guys in high school. I stuck to dumb jocks and she stuck to smart actors. It was just a weird feeling I woke up with. I'm sure there's a deeper meaning, but I really don't care to explore what it might be.


Sigh.......I wanna weigh some cows.


Know what's happening here at work this morning? The 4-H club is making sweet potato log rolls. If you've never had one of these, let me tell you something. They are heaven all wrapped up in plastic.

I mean, the office is smelling soooooooooooooooooooo delicious right now. I just ate breakfast and am really not hungry, but the smell is making me hungry.

I just better not gain back any of that weight I lost earlier this year.



11 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Weighing cows? Sounds like an episode of Dirty Jobs. LOL! I hope you have fun with it. Wouldja pass me a sweet potatoe roll? Sounds delish! Hey congrats on the new job!


Are sweet potato logs similar to pumpkin rolls? That sounds yummy. And the man is yummy too.

Soldier without a War

not too sure that i would want to weigh cows but am POSITIVE that i would like a sweet potato roll :)


I have no idea who that guy is, but he's young enough to be my son. And he's dirty. Cute, but young and dirty.

I will be interested in hearing just how one goes about weighing cows. I hope you get to do it soon.

I have no idea what a sweet potato log is, but I think I want one.

I am Harriet

Poor cows gotta get on the scale :)

Have a great RTT

Christine Gram

Oh DROOL! Wow. Can I use him for my dream tonight?


Weighing cows! For a minute, I thought that you were going to tell me that you were Oprahs personal Physician! hahaha!


OMG how do you get a cow on a scale? I can barely get my dog on a scale! Good luck to you :)

Gaston Studio

Love sweet potato anything, but weighing cows?! Not so sure!


How cool weighing cows -- all I get to do is order oscilloscopes. I love working at Post Secondary - and you can invent all sorts of neat things to add to your job.

Ohhh I need to look back on your blog - I am in the middle of losing weight and looking for inspiration.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Weighing cows? I was an Animal Science major my first two years of college and even I did not get to to that.

However, I did get to stick my hand up a cow's ass while my other hand put a tube up the vagina and simulated artificial insemination. And I got to castrate one day old piglets... now cannot figure out why I switched my major.

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