Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reason #176 Why I Love My Daughter

Well, we all know she rocks. She truly does.

Tuesday morning, when I was getting ready for work and she was sitting on the couch waiting for our neighbors to pull down to the end of the driveway (indicating it's time for the bus), we were watching part of the Today show.

They were talking about Sarah Palin's new book that was coming out and made a mention that it was 400 pages long.

I said, "What on earth could she have to say that would cause a book to be 400 pages long?" and my incredibly clever daughter replied,

"The book must be large print."


Speaking of my incredibly clever, talented and simply gorgeous daughter, she has a new post up at her blog.

It's poetry. Please be gentle to my budding poet.

Click HERE to go there.


14 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


God love her! She should run for president...Mags..not the idiot (just to clarify)


HILARIOUS! That is an awesome response!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

She is all kinds of awesme, but I think I have mentioned that.

Soldier without a War

that is AWESOME! I didnt even know she had a blog...i am gonna head over there! :)

Trooper Thorn

Better she should work with Jon Stewart.

Together We Save

She is a wise woman!!


What Trooper Thorn said - great future there!!


Some people like to hear themselves talk and some like to see their name in print. GAH!

Swirl Girl

What a clever girl!! I was thinking the same thing! LOL

Gaston Studio

Very clever. Also didn't know she had her own blog, so am heading over to check it out. Cool!

sassy stephanie She's going to do stand up.


LOML does indeed rock. She is right on the money. hehe


I love Entertainment Weekly's title for their article - "We read it so you wouldn't have to."

You have a brilliant child on your hand!


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