Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lookee, Lookee!!!

As I've mentioned a few times on here, my mom and I both volunteer our time at a local Methodist rummage house.

Mom volunteers waaaaaaaaay more than I do, but then again, she's retired.

At least once a week, I make a run up there with her to help sort and stack the new stuff that's been donated and to get it ready for pricing and/or storage.

Mostly clothes are donated, but there are lots and lots of other things as well.

I've found all sorts of neat things there and decided that from now on, whenever I find something neat or interesting (at least to me), I'm gonna share it with you guys.

Maybe some of these things will bring back some memories or make you smile.

Last night, we went up there and there were 3 HUGE boxes filled with books and puzzles.

I was going through them to see what they had and look at what I found. I snatched it up right away and bought this bad boy. I couldn't resist.

It's a Disney puzzle from back in the late 50's/early 60's. They're selling for $20 on eBay!

But look at what the previous owner paid!

Yeah, 29 cents from Woolworth!

I love finding stuff like this. It totally makes my night!

I also found this puzzle and remembered that I had an old book that had to have been illustrated by the same person that designed this puzzle.

If anybody has any info on this illustrator or if it the design rings a bell, let me know, will ya?

The puzzle states it's from 1974. Which makes sense. I would have had book and puzzles from that time frame.

Have you ever found anything cool in rummage houses or junk stores?


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I love finding cool stuff! Those items you got are most certainly on my list of cool! I love puzzles and nostalgia! Anything that reminds me of a younger time...

I particularly like old books. I don't know why I find them so interesting. Something about the way they feel and the thought of how many people have read or held that book in its lifetime.


Love to see toys from our childhood! And love it even more when the price tags are still on them!

Mama Dawg

Jess, I hear ya. I LOVE old books. Especially old children's books.

Cocotte-For some reason, I'm always drawn to books and toys from my childhood.


That Disney puzzle rocks! I'm so jealous. I love when I find stuff like that at antique stores and stuff. My mom finds a lot of stuff like that too. She loves to go antiqueing! I can't wait to see what you find next week.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

When we went to Boston, my daughter and I found a used and rare book store across from teh Public Gardens. I had a hard time not buying more than my luggage could hold.

But the disney puzzle from the 50's. Crazy cool.


I am so not a treasure hunter...but I love to donate things and get rid of stuff.

So...are you going to sell that puzzle or keep it?

And do ya'll get total junk donated that you actually throw away? I have always been curious about that - if some people give you what should have gone in the trash...

Swirl Girl

I have a friend who has made a business out of 'dumpster diving'. She finds old stuff in flea markets, junk stores etc...cleans them up and resells.

not a bad idea, hhhmmmm?


No but I have a girlfriend that is fantabulous at finding things at garage sales. I am the one that gives away the good things without realizing it.

Captain Dumbass

I always find great stuff when I'm in other people's houses. I recommend waiting until they're out of town or at work so you have lots of time to rummage.




















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