Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And The Stars Rained Down From Heaven

Did anyone happen to catch the meteor shower early this morning?

I always see the news articles on Yahoo that we're having one and every time, I make a note to get up at 2:30 or so to watch it.

But seriously y'all? Mama Dawg NEEDS her sleep.

However, I do get up at 4:30 each morning and this morning was no exception.

It was a crystal clear sky. No clouds, no moon and living out in the country as I do, no city light pollution.

I did manage to see a few meteors streak across the dark morning sky but that's not what took my breath away.

Because it was such a clear sky and because it is soooooooo pitch dark where I live, I could see literally thousands and thousands of stars. More than I can usually see. It kind of reminded me of that moment in The Breakfast Club when Ally Sheedy shakes her hair and all that dandruff falls on the desk. Except this was stars. So many stars.

I felt so small at that moment. So very, very, very small.

And of course, me being me and having the imagination that I do, I totally felt that any second now, I'd look up and see a GIGANTIC shoe with a HUGE leg attached come down and squish me flat. I actually looked up in horror for a split second.

Then........a totally peaceful calm settled down over me and I sat on the front porch with Nikki on one side and Max on the other and I let my soul rest for a few moments more before I went inside to gather up the trash to take to the street.

I've noticed that the older I get, the more these moments are necessary for my survival. I've also noticed that the older I get, the more I tend to take time to acknowledge and give reverence to these moments.

If the wind is blowing and it's a gorgeous blue sky fall day, I will stop whatever I'm doing, close my eyes and just let the wind wash over me. Just as I'll stop and take the time to look up at the starry night sky and let my soul breathe.

I will live in the moment.


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What a great post. I love that you cherish the small things. It's one of the things I like most about you. : ) I think I'll do the same at least once a day. Thanks for sharing.


Love the post!! Though it makes me REALLY want to live out in the country or mountains somewhere.

the wind, stars, sky, trees and ocean are Mother Nature's Quaalude. (at least for me.)


Excellent post!!! I couldn't agree more! That is why I love the beach so much!!


You are so lucky to live somewhere without light pollution. This past June we were on an Alaskan cruise and I was hoping to show my new hubby all the stars away from the city lights - dang forgot about land of the midnight sun - never had darkness - at all.

Thanks for sharing.


Well, this explains why my daughter's facebook page has photos of her friends laying outside their dorm on blankets!!!!

I've never witnessed any astrological happenings - we've always been surrounded by too many trees.

Captain Dumbass

I love when it's so dark you can actually see the clouds of gas in space. That is way cool.

Irish Gumbo

Please do, my dear Mama Dawg.

I used to lay outside on a blanket, in the back yard, and my G-maw and I would wait for the meteors. It was awesome, and I like to think she's somewhere up there now.

Live in the moment. That's all we have :)

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