Friday, January 4, 2008

We are yogurt!

Or as Hiro and Ando pronounce it "yo-gurt-oh"

I love that line from Heroes.

I love the show Heroes.

I don’t care what others say, this show rocks! I loved the shortened second season (I don’t love that it was shortened, I just loved the stories). Granted, Hiro’s story was a little dragged out, but it did eventually prove to be telling.

I even sort of liked Maya and Alejandro’s story. It wasn’t my favorite and it kinda wandered in circles, but nevertheless, I didn’t hate it.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that David Anders joined the show (as Adam Monroe). I loved him in Alias as Sark and I love him now. That accent makes me all tingly inside. I’d love him even if he wasn’t hot.

Don’t even get me started on Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar. I didn’t like him in the beginning (Adrian, who plays Nathan Petrelli). But he grew on me.

I’ve loved Milo since I first saw him in Opposite Sex. I was so stoked to see him in Gilmore Girls and then to find out he was going to be in Heroes!!! In fact, he was the main reason I wanted to watch the show.

This is a completely silly and pointless post.

However, I do have to talk about something serious.

Kelly, light of my life’s female beta fish, passed away yesterday. She discovered the little corpse while I was driving home from work. Actually, the landlord’s daughter was over playing and noticed it for her. Light of my life is heartbroken. So heartbroken in fact, it took her all of 2 hours to get over the death. That’s a long time to a seven year old. She’s already inquired as to when we can get a new one.

We had this one for almost two years. That’s a long time for a fish. She has two others, Tom (another beta fish) and Golden (a large gold fish w/black lips….kinda freaky looking if you ask me, not that you did).

I put the hamster in a sock yesterday. No reason, just thought it’d be funny and it was. I got a pic of it. I’ll have to post it sometime. It was one of my daughter’s ankle socks so he was barely peeking out of it. He provides us so many laughs.

On Wednesday night, we went over to see B & L and the kids. We had some presents for them from our trip over New Year’s. Our landlord wanted to come down to shoot fireworks in our yard since it’s open space as opposed to the trees surrounding their property. We ended up making a small get together out of it. Had some wine and sparkling juice and cookies. It was COLD but lots of fun. Six adults, four kids and two dogs. The landlord’s dog, Sam, was barking and trying to “get” the fireworks. It was a funny sight. Light of my life is terrified of fireworks (at least ones that are so close up) so she sat on the front porch for the most part.

I love living out in the country!

Have a good weekend and I’ll “see” y’all on Monday!


Mama Dawg

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