Friday, January 18, 2008

Light of My Life's Project part 2

I made it in time for the viewing yesterday afternoon. In fact, her teacher stayed after long enough to make sure that she got to speak to us and to tell light of my life congrats. In fact, the two top finishers for the second grade came from my daughter's class. Her "boyfriend", S, got 1st place. She was so excited for herself and for him. I got a pic of the two of them together and she's just dying for me to get it printed off and and get it framed for her to put in her room. She's only 7, so I'm not too concerned for this "relationship" right now. I ask her what they do as boyfriend and girlfriend and she said, "nothing". I asked her if they talk or hold hands or anything and she said no. What defines them as boyfriend and girlfriend I'll never know. I guess it's just something to say and they're just trying to learn the ways of teenagers and what not. Anyway, he's a perfectly adorable little boy. He is an older man.....he's all of 8! LOL!

Anyway, she got a trophy and a ribbon. She's so excited. This is her second trophy and she's so thrilled to have it next to the other one. I'm trying to keep it real by telling her that the experience she gained from doing the project is prize enough and that placing in the fair and getting a trophy and ribbon is just extra. She seems to get that. Hopefully......

Once I can do so, I'll post a pic.


Mama Dawg

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she's such a smart girl!

Mama Dawg

Yep, she is. I think I'll keep her.

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