Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The One With the Deer

I got a phone call on Monday from my friend, B. She said her hubby, L, wanted her to call to see if I wanted to come see the deer he had shot that day.

Since I had to go over there anyway to drop something off, it was no big deal. Plus, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I had just left my grandma’s house after dropping of my aunt’s extra key to her house (she was moving and needed all the keys back). B’s house is right across the highway from me so I didn’t have to go out of my way (although I would have anyway). I had some milk in the car that I just bought at the store in town on my way in from work. I dropped by the house real quick to drop off the milk and to see if light of my life wanted to come with me. She did, but not to see the deer. She just wanted to play with M. She thinks dead animals are "icky". did I raise such a girly girl?

Anyway, I run over to the house and grab a glass of my wine that I had left over there the other night. I actually finished it off….shame on me! But, in my defense, there wasn’t much left. Just a glassful.

The deer was out in the shed and L had it on the hook(on a pulley) and it was raised off the floor. He had already started skinning it. My landlord was there already with his Bloody Mary in one hand and the digital camera in the other! A few minutes later, B joined us and about 5 minutes after that, P, R and their son C drove up to see the deer. It was a party! On a Monday night! With a dead deer as the main attraction! Whoo hoo!!!!!

It was a nice deer. It was a 10-point buck. For those of you who don’t know what that means (I never asked, just guessed when all the men-folk were talking), it means a male deer with a rack (antlers) that has 10 points in total on it. Points are the tines on the rack. Think of a fork. Most forks have 4 “tines” on it. Well, on an antler, there are “tines” on it as well. They just call them points. Lesson over. Its tongue was sticking out of its little dead mouth and his eyes were glassy. One rack was curved in a little but overall, it was a beautiful deer. Way to go, L!!!!!

I’m of two minds on hunting. There’s the animal lover in me that hates to see dead animals (even skunks on the side of the road….go figure cause they STINK to high heaven) but there’s the other part of me that is SOOOOOO curious about hunting.

I’d like to learn how to shoot a gun and then learn how to hunt. I’ve always been fascinated by guns and hunting, but living in the city all my life and not having a father figure since I was 9 (or ever, if I really stop to think about it), I never had the opportunity to learn.

It’s just the masculine side of me coming out, I guess. The same part of me that’s fascinated by hardware stores. I LOVE power tools and have a very small collection that I take care of and use quite often. My cordless drill/screwdriver combo is my favorite item.

Wow, I veered way off topic on that one. Started out talking about deer and then went to power tools!

I teased B & L and told them that when I lived in the city, my friend R would call to invite me to a new club or ethnic restaurant or movie, but that my friends here in the country call me to come see a dead deer.

My, my, how times have changed! Funny thing is, I’m equally fascinated by both scenarios. I feel at home at a swanky club or in a shed looking at dead animals. Hmmmm….probably bears looking in to, wouldn’t ya say?

Mama Dawg

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I get that tree hug'n feeling about killing animals all the time. It's normally gone by the 3rd or 4th bite.

Mama Dawg

LOL! You kill me.

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