Thursday, January 10, 2008


Last Friday night, I went over to B & L’s house to see what was going on and to see if M and her sister, C, wanted to come over and play. B & L asked me if I wanted to go with them to the hunting club a few miles down the road. I called mom and she said she’d watch all three girls.

We got our drink on and went on over to the club. 2 other couples were there. I made the fifth (or technically, 7th) wheel but it was all good. There were a few kids there as well.

We arrived just in time to start playing Balderdash. Y’all, if you haven’t played this game, you need to. It is hilarious!!!! It’s basically a BS type of game.

You get a topic (such as dates, people, initials, etc….) and you have to make up a description for that topic. Example, if you chose to use the date 7/20/1969, the real answer is the date the first man walked on the moon. However, everyone but the Dasher (the person who chose the topic) has to make up a fake answer (or if you really know it, you can get points if you write down the real answer) and they all pass the answers to the Dasher. The Dasher then mixes them up and includes the real answer in the pile. The Dasher then reads the answers out loud and everyone has to place their guess on the real answer. You then score points based on which has the most popular answer.

Anyway, everyone came up with a few hysterical ones. My favorite one was the word: mystax.

The real answer had something to do with the hair near the mouth on an insect or some crap like that.

However, the best answer, hands down was this:

street slang hookers call their boobs

It took a minute for that to kick in but once it did, it was side splitting hilarious. It was almost worth giving a point to the person who came up with that. (for those of you still scratching their heads, pronounce it….my stacks….get it?)

The other good answer for that one was:

tax season in Russia

Pronounce it with a passable Russian accent and you see how funny it is. Or, I was just tipsy enough that it was hysterical. Who knows? All I know is that I found it funny.

There were two that had unbelievable answers that turned out to be the real answer.

The first one was the initials P.O.O.F.F.

It stands for:

Professional Oglers of Female Figures

Can you believe that? I mean, I can believe that people would want to do that, but to actually organize? Blows my mind. I wonder what the dues are like? Do they keep score of all the female figures they ogled? Are there monthly meetings? How do you prove that you actually ogled a female figure instead of just casually observed one? Seriously….if anyone knows anything about this organization, please let me know. If you’re a member of this organization, please let me know.

The other one was from a prior game that I did not participate in.

It was the person Timothy Hoare.

The real answer was:

Believe it or not, he owned a goose named Pinkey that did card tricks while blindfolded.

What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have nothing else for that one. It was just weird.

L was observing the game while B played. B got up from the game for a few minutes so L had to take her place. As his answer, he wrote down: “I got it”. That’s it. Nothing else. It was written in green ink with a flower pen. Well, the flower was on it earlier in the evening but it somehow “mysteriously” fell off the flower when a guy was using it. Go figure. Needless to say, L didn’t score any points for that round. It was actually funnier when you were there. I guess it’s one of those stories. I think I’ll have it framed for him and will give it to him on his birthday.

I love games. Any type. Word games (Scrabble, Taboo, etc…), money games (Monopoly, Life, etc….), trivia (Trivial Pursuit, Scene It, etc…) and card games (Texas Hold ‘Em, rummy, gin, etc…).

I can’t wait for another game night at the hunting club.

Oh, yeah, I ended up winning the game by only like 1 point. However, I’ve jokingly been told that I’m not allowed to come play anymore since I was the newbie who won the game. At least…..I hope they’re joking!!!!


Mama Dawg

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omg - i can't imagine the hits your blog is going to get for:
street slang hookers call their boobs

Mama Dawg

I hadn't even thought of that. I might end up getting the kind of comments that I don't want! Or, maybe as a single gal, they may be just what I need!!!!

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