Friday, January 25, 2008

They Call Him Spooky

I love living in a small town. It's the little things, man.

B was over visiting yesterday. C and M came over with her. Light of my life and M were playing quietly in her room. I hadn't gotten home yet but B was visiting with mom. It was a nice surprise to see them there. I was surprised because I didn't see their car but they had walked over (it was cold yesterday).

Anyway, I was supposed to have gone over to their house last night to help C with her social studies homework. She has to learn the placement of the states on a map as well as their postal abbreviations. Not to brag or anything, but I'm good at that kind of stuff. I always prided myself on knowing where states are on a map and the abbreviations. Of course, during the course of my previous occupation, I needed to know the abbreviations because I had to mail things out to states all over the country. I actually got pretty good at knowing area codes as well. You could give me a telephone number with an out of state area code and about 8 out of 10 times I could tell you the state they were calling from. Yes, I know, I'm a total dork and know a lot of completely useless information. You should see the inside of my head. It's filled with nothing but useless information and trivia. Especially if it has anything to do with movies. Just think, if I could clear my mind of all that information..........well, I would probably just fill it up with other completely useless information!! LOL!!!

Whoa, I got way off track with that.

Anyway, B came over to tell me that the state thingie got postponed until Monday so instead, she invited me to the Methodist church in a nearby city to go shopping.

I guess I should back up and start over.

B's friend P has a son that's a senior at the local high school. Next Thursday, they are having a beauty pageant for boys. It's where the boys get to dress up like women and parade around and have a pageant. I'm not sure what all it entails as I'm new here and have never gone to it before. At my high school, we had one of these as well. It was a trip seeing all these big beefy guys from the football team all dressed up in fishnets, bustiers and heels. Some of them really got in to it, too. Some of them really seemed to like it.....wonder what they're up to these days? Hmmmm....note to self.....Google some guys from high school to see what they're up to.

Anyway, P needed to get a dress and some heels for her son. The pageant is next Thursday. There's a Methodist church in a neighboring city that has a rummage sale every other Saturday. The church is no longer a working church so the items for the sale just stay in there. It's kind of like a permanent rummage store. It's only opened every other Saturday. P knows the woman that runs it and she said that P could come and check out the dresses they had. B has been cleaning out the toy room like crazy for the past few days and had a bunch of stuff to donate to the store. I had a few things as well. B invited me to come with her and P to the store and to drop off my donations as well. I was game. Survivor doesn't start for a little while, so my Thursday night was free. Light of my life was just happy to go over to M's to play.

First of all, shout out to B. She makes the best rice. It was so good. So was the sweet and sour chicken. Thanks again for dinner, B!

After we ate, we watched a couple of videos on ebaum's world ( You guys need to check it out. It's like You Tube but B's husband, L, had found all these funny videos. If you go check out the site, look for one called "Atomic Sit-Up". It was hysterical.

P came and picked us up. We went to the church and dropped off the donations and shopped a bit. I got 4 books for myself (one on Catherine the Great and 3 others....I love reading about Catherine the Great, she was a phenomenal woman) and about 5-6 for light of my life as well as a curio shelf and another wooden shelf. B got some pants for C and some books for both girls. P found a black and white dress and some shoes for her son. He's gonna look so hot! LOL!

While we were there, the lady who runs the shop had her mother with her. Her mother is an older lady but very spry. She was wandering around the shop and noticed some pillows. She said, "I like these pillows" and her daughter spoke up and said "You should, they came from our house!". It was so funny. It sounds like something I would say.

I loved being able to shop before the store opened. I feel like a celebrity who gets stores to open up after hours so they can shop in private. I bet Paris Hilton never got a Methodist church rummage store to open up 2 days before the official opening. Eat your heart out Paris. I roll with the crew that has pull in this town, b*tch.

This post has no point whatsoever, other than to tell you what I did with my Thursday night.

Oh, and the title to this post?

When B was over and visiting with mom, mom asked her who lived in a house right down the highway from us.

B, in all seriousness, said, "Well, they call him Spooky". It took me about 5 minutes to stop laughing.

That sums up living in a small town better than anything else out there.

I think I need to rename my blog "They Call Him Spooky".

Have a good weekend all!


Mama Dawg

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