Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Would You Do?

It's Monday.....again.

Had a good weekend. Went to a big city on Saturday and got LOML some jeans and a couple of tops. Found her Greek yogurt at a Kroger and that totally made her weekend. Lazed around all day Sunday and finally got off my ass around 4 to clean the bathroom floor and then grill some chicken kabobs. I had this jar of pineapple mango salsa that was perfect for marinating. Tossed some chicken in the marinade, added some mushrooms, onions, zucchini and squash on the skewers and grilled those bad boys. Damn, I'm a good griller. Never knew I had it in me. LOML wanted teriyaki instead of what we ate, so I did that just for her.

Anyhoo, here's Monday's "Who Would You Do?" (book by Susan Segrest). Enjoy!

These three ladies know how to do everything right: make the perfect bed, cook the perfect meal, and always look fresh as a daisy doing it. Would you do: June Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver, Donna Reed from from The Donna Reed Show, or Harriet Nelson of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet?

Mrs. Cleaver

Mrs. Reed

Mrs. Ozzie

As usual:

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.

So, how was YOUR weekend?


Mama Dawg

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grateful. So Grateful

I'm grateful for the friends who responded to my previous post, I'm grateful that Nikki is just a big old baby and isn't seriously injured, I'm grateful that J.D. is still alive, I'm grateful that I have an amazing kid who never fails to put a smile on my face every stinkin' day, I'm grateful my mom and I get along, I'm grateful that I have a job, I'm grateful that I live in a place where when I sit down in the grass with my dogs surrounding me and I'm watching my daughter make up a dance to a song that it soothes my soul and makes me realize just how grateful I am.

Just grateful.

Thanks again friends.


Mama Dawg

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tired. So Tired.

The title says it all.

Tired of my job, tired of J.D. having so many seizures, tired of not having any money, tired of driving an hour each way to work, tired of my car having problems all of a sudden, tired of gas prices, tired of political talk, tired of not having energy to do squat even though I get home around 3:30 or 4 every day, tired of J.D. pissing on the floor instead of the litter box, tired of my attitude towards EVERYTHING.

Just tired.


Mama Dawg

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Would You Do?

Ahhhh......Monday, you're a bitch. Truly you are. I had a good weekend. I cleaned off the back porch yesterday and grilled for the first time. Yep, I kicked my grills ass. Those turkey burgers were to die for and the hot dogs were just like I like 'em. Can't wait to break that bad boy out again to cook some more.

The girl across the highway stayed over for dinner last night and when her dad, L, came to get her, I bragged to him about my new found grilling skillz. In all seriousness, he shook my hand and said he was proud of me.

Does that make me one of the boys now? Do I now have to grab my crotch, turn my head to spit out some chaw and chug a beer while I grill?

With all the testosterone floating around my backyard yesterday, I need a touch of femininity this morning.

For today's "Who Would You Do?" (book by Susan Segrest), I've chosen some lovely ladies for you to ogle.

Nicole Kdman, Penelope Cruz, Mimi Rogers and Katie Holmes have all had intimate moments with Tom Cruise. But don't let that put you off. Which one of these women would you like to get carnal with?

Ms. Kidman, if you please. There's just something about a strawberry blond ice princess.

A feisty Latina for anyone? Ms. Cruz certainly fits the bill. Something about those dark, exotic eyes.

Eh, other than a cool sounding name (my BFF is named Mimi), she doesn't do squat for me.

I've always thought Ms. Holmes was kinda smokin'. Especially during the latter years on Dawson's Creek. She's gone down a few points though since she married that couch jumping alien, but you know, we all make mistakes.

As usual:

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.

How was YOUR weekend? Do anything fun?


Mama Dawg

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who Would You Do?

Hello and welcome again to yet another edition of "Who Would You Do?" (book by Susan Segrest), the wildly disgusting (and sometimes titillating) Monday morning game brought to you by yours truly.....Mama Dawg.

I went with a tennis theme this Monday morning. Why? Cause that's the page I turned to and I'm too lazy to flip the pages to look for something better.

You're welcome.

Here we go:

You’re the ump at a pro tennis tournament and Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and John McEnroe have all been very, very bad boys on the court. In order to get to the semifinals they must prove to you just how sorry they are. Who do you start with?

Ladies (and some gentlemen), do you know how hard it is to find a hot picture of Pete Sampras? Most pics have his mouth in funny positions and not in a good way.

I couldn't decide if I should do a pic from the shaggy mullet days or post-shaggy mullet days. Since I like baldies, I went with post.

Know what's even harder to find than a hot picture of Pete Sampras? A picture of John McEnroe with his mouth CLOSED.

As usual:

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?


Mama Dawg

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Like Noah's Ark But Not

One of my favorite things about living out in the country is all the animals that surround us. From wildlife like deer, skunks and snakes to domesticated animals (if you can call the kittens that) like dogs, kittens and horses.

We have a friend that lives up the road from us that houses her nephews horses in addition to the 2 older dogs, 2 rescue puppies and 3 rescue kittens.

Needless to say, LOML and I are in HEAVEN when we go over there. And we go often.

In fact, we've been to her house 3 times in the past week alone.

Between using her computer, watching cable TV and playing with the animals, LOML thinks this is equal to going to Disney World.

This is one of the rescue kitties. I love the "evil" squint he has going on. There's another one that looks just like him and the third kitty is grey and white. Of the three, the grey and white one is the friendliest. The others aren't unfriendly, but they just prefer the company of each other rather than humans.

Here's LOML feeding one of the horses an apple slice. This was the first time she had been up close and personal with a horse.

I love the expression on her face after she felt him gently nuzzle her hand and take the slice. Priceless!

Here's a short vid of her feeding the horse. Please excuse my parenting skills. She has this bad habit of talking like a baby sometimes when she's nervous and it drives me crazy!

Here she is holding one of the kittens.

I love seeing her so open and free with all the animals. Makes this animal loving mama's heart proud.

Of course, the cat looks put upon, but oh, well. That's what you get for letting her capture you!

And here she is playing with one of the puppies.

Look at that fat belly! And yes, I am referring to the puppy!

I wish I lived further back on some land so I could have a menagerie like this.

One day....


Mama "Old McDonald" Dawg

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Would You Do?

All righty, boys and girls. It's that time of the week again! MONDAY!

Time for "Who Would You Do?" (book by Susan Segrest).

Since I couldn't decide if I wanted to do boys or girls today (yeah, yeah, insert your own joke here), I decided to pick one that had one of each.

You're welcome.

"It’s your Basic Instinct moment and both Sharon Stone Stone and Michael Douglas are trying to distract you with some full frontal flashing. Where do your eyes go?"

Ms. Stone?

Or Mr. Douglas?

And, as usual:

*Editor's Note---You HAVE to pick one of the choices. Even if you're a guy and the only choices are guys...same for girls...believe me, there are lots where it's only girls to choose from.

How was YOUR weekend?


Mama Dawg

Friday, August 7, 2009

Nikki's Story

I love how my pets all find me. Even if it's not a rescue situation (like Mike, the cat), they all still have such great stories.

I have a best friend named Mimi (mentioned here numerous times) that lives in Orlando and has a dog named Naya that LOOKS and ACTS just like Max. She had some pics posted on her Facebook and low and behold, they did look like they could be siblings. I even got to meet Naya back in June when we were at Disney World. (that's a story for later and it's a doozy.)

As you all know, I did a post on Max's friend Foxey who got hit by a car. I was telling Mimi all about it and how depressed Max was and how much he cherished having a companion and someone to play with every day.

I mentioned how I had put in a phone call to my vet to let them know that I was on the lookout for a new dog and she said something to the effect of "I bet Max and Naya (that was her name before we got her) would love each other" and I agreed but thought nothing of it at that moment.

A little while later, she asked if I wanted Naya because she was going to have to give her up because her house was too small for Naya and that Naya really needed to be somewhere where she had space to run and play and live.

I thought she was joking.

Seriously, I thought she was joking.

But she was dead serious.

However, due to my smallish car and lack of finances to rent a car, there was no way I could meet her halfway to pick Naya up.

So......she offered to drive all the way from her house in Orlando to mine! It's a 12 freaking hour drive! Each way! And, she had just driven to and from Arizona on a vacation with her boys!

Talk about friendship!

So, the plan was set for her and her mom and Naya to drive up from Orlando on Saturday, stay for dinner and some visiting, go to their hotel room to stay the night and leave the next day as Mimi had to be back at work on Monday. (and yes, I offered to put them up for the night but she said her mom would be more comfortable in a hotel)

I could NOT believe that she was willing to do this for me (and for Max).

Of course, she said it was because she knew Naya would be going to a good home, but still........that's a true sign of friendship right there.

Anyway, Naya settled in quite nicely with our little family. She's endlessly fascinated by the cats and tolerates Max's, uh, how do I say this.....sexual advances. Yes, even though they're both fixed, Max still tried to prove how much of a man he is any chance he gets. However, I keep telling him that he needs to read some instruction manual because last time I checked, her, uh, "love center" was not located near her shoulder or in the middle of her back.

Yeah, Don Juan he's not.

Anyway, Mimi had told me that since she had only had Naya for about 6 months, she still wasn't responding 100% of the time to her name and if we wanted to change it we could.

I liked the name Naya but Maggie wanted to change it. She wanted something that went with Max a little better and we came up with the name Nikki.

It seems to fit her.

Here's Max and Nikki in the yard. She how much bigger she is? She's probably just over 50 lbs. Max is around 26 or so.

Here they are in my car window Wednesday morning when I was seeing LOML off to the bus. I love how Max is trying to keep up with Nikki.

Here's a short vid of them playing in the yard yesterday afternoon. This is for Pseudo at her request!


Mama Dawg (boy, I'm sure living up to that name these days!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

4th Grade

Gah, it's here already.

Yesterday was the first day of school for LOML. 4th grade.

Yeah, I said it. 4th grade.

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.

Here she is eating her breakfast at the kitchen table. Notice the sleepy eyes? Yeah, it's like 6:30 in the morning. I'm usually getting to work at this time and she's just getting ready for school.

I took yesterday off of work to see her off. I've done that every year (except kindergarten when we were evacuated due to Hurricane Katrina) and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

It was raining yesterday morning but cleared up just before she got on the bus. By the afternoon, it was gorgeous outside.

Here's Nikki saying good-bye. She was fascinated with being able to peek in the windows of the car.

Here she is. Off to her first day of 4th grade.

She's HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I soooooooooo wanted to run down the driveway and tackle her in a BIG HUG, but I refrained......barely.

If you click on the pic, you can see the HUGE smile on her face.

The first day of 4th grade went wonderfully. She loves her teacher, she gets to sit next to her friend and she already has homework!

Yeah, that was actually one of the highlights of the day. Already getting homework. It's actually not due until Monday but she couldn't wait to do some work.

Fingers crossed it stays this way FOREVER!

4th grade.....*shaking head*.....I can't believe it's here.


Mama Dawg

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Aaaacckkkkk.......I'm jumping into this whole organized random thing.

Isn't that, like, wrong? To organize random thoughts? On a specific day?


Well, if you want to read more random thoughts, click this here little button.


It'll take you to more weirdness.


I got to work this morning and was turning my phone off and noticed that when I was going through the motions of silencing my phone before turning it off (yeah, I do that. I hate hearing that automatic annoying as frick sound when I turn it off or on), the particular sequence of buttons I have to push to do that sounds EXACTLY like that banana fana fo fana song.

You know the one:

Chuck, chuck, bo buck, banana fana fo.....wait a minute, I need to use a different name.

Mary, mary bo bary, banana fana fo fary, me my mo mary, Maaaaarrrryyy.


My new dog farts.


She also drools. But not in that Turner and Hooch way. Just a little bit.


My cat J.D. hat a fit last week and tore the living hell out of my thumb. He was having a seizure or a fit or something and my thumb happened to be near his mouth when he did it. He clamped down sooooooooo hard that it was like trying to pry open the jaws of a pit bull. I was thisclose to slinging him across the room because of the pain. And I have a HIGH tolerance for pain. He also scratched the hell out of my other hand when I was trying to pry open his jaws. Poor thing. I don't blame him, it wasn't his fault. He's just getting so old and....gah...I don't want to think about it.

I almost went to the emergency room because the puncture wounds looked deep. I think one of them went to the bone.

It's better now. Thanks for asking.


LOML starts the FOURTH GRADE tomorrow. Where the hell did the time go?


Seriously, where did it go?


I need to finish my Disney posts. But they're sooooo exhausting to write. And I'm feeling peckish about, well, everything these days.


I have a gazillion centipedes roaming my house. Both inside AND outside. It's gross hearing their little bodies crunch when I tred on them. I've taken to picking them up and tossing them in the toilet.

It's the first year we've had this problem. My aunt says it's because of the unusual amount of rain we had in May. I dunno. All I know is that it's gross.


My mom, both aunts, grandmother and daughter all went up to my cousin's peach orchard last week while I was at work (sucks to be me) and picked tons and tons and tons of peaches. They are, hands down, the BEST peaches I've ever had.


That's yet another reason why I love living in the country. I have fresh homegrown peaches in my fruit bowl and homegrown blackberries, plums and blueberries in my freezer. We've also had homegrown tomatoes this summer as well as homegrown corn that is the sweetest corn you'll ever eat. Mom found this amazing corn casserole recipe that is to DIE for. And people here just GIVE THIS STUFF TO YOU FOR NO REASON! They just drop by and say "here, have some corn". I mean, we know the people, they're not strangers or anything, but it's still so neat to have people think of you. We've also gotten eggs from this lady that raises chickens.

I'm still so citified though, that I was afraid everytime I'd crack open an egg to scramble, a dead baby chick would fall out instead.


Is it 5 o'clock yet?


Thanks to everyone that e-mailed me while I was taking my little break. It was nice to be missed.


I'll be back to "Who Would You Do" Monday's next week. Never fear. You'll get your weekly dose of gross soon enough.


Mama Dawg

Monday, August 3, 2009

Everyone..... Nikki.

C'mon girl, don't be shy.

Dang, focus is blurry.

O.k. now, sweetie, back away.

There you are.

Nikki, meet everyone.

Max now has a companion. I'll tell the story tomorrow or the day after.

Just wanted everyone to meet the newest member of our family.


Mama Dawg

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