Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Aaaacckkkkk.......I'm jumping into this whole organized random thing.

Isn't that, like, wrong? To organize random thoughts? On a specific day?


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I got to work this morning and was turning my phone off and noticed that when I was going through the motions of silencing my phone before turning it off (yeah, I do that. I hate hearing that automatic annoying as frick sound when I turn it off or on), the particular sequence of buttons I have to push to do that sounds EXACTLY like that banana fana fo fana song.

You know the one:

Chuck, chuck, bo buck, banana fana fo.....wait a minute, I need to use a different name.

Mary, mary bo bary, banana fana fo fary, me my mo mary, Maaaaarrrryyy.


My new dog farts.


She also drools. But not in that Turner and Hooch way. Just a little bit.


My cat J.D. hat a fit last week and tore the living hell out of my thumb. He was having a seizure or a fit or something and my thumb happened to be near his mouth when he did it. He clamped down sooooooooo hard that it was like trying to pry open the jaws of a pit bull. I was thisclose to slinging him across the room because of the pain. And I have a HIGH tolerance for pain. He also scratched the hell out of my other hand when I was trying to pry open his jaws. Poor thing. I don't blame him, it wasn't his fault. He's just getting so old and....gah...I don't want to think about it.

I almost went to the emergency room because the puncture wounds looked deep. I think one of them went to the bone.

It's better now. Thanks for asking.


LOML starts the FOURTH GRADE tomorrow. Where the hell did the time go?


Seriously, where did it go?


I need to finish my Disney posts. But they're sooooo exhausting to write. And I'm feeling peckish about, well, everything these days.


I have a gazillion centipedes roaming my house. Both inside AND outside. It's gross hearing their little bodies crunch when I tred on them. I've taken to picking them up and tossing them in the toilet.

It's the first year we've had this problem. My aunt says it's because of the unusual amount of rain we had in May. I dunno. All I know is that it's gross.


My mom, both aunts, grandmother and daughter all went up to my cousin's peach orchard last week while I was at work (sucks to be me) and picked tons and tons and tons of peaches. They are, hands down, the BEST peaches I've ever had.


That's yet another reason why I love living in the country. I have fresh homegrown peaches in my fruit bowl and homegrown blackberries, plums and blueberries in my freezer. We've also had homegrown tomatoes this summer as well as homegrown corn that is the sweetest corn you'll ever eat. Mom found this amazing corn casserole recipe that is to DIE for. And people here just GIVE THIS STUFF TO YOU FOR NO REASON! They just drop by and say "here, have some corn". I mean, we know the people, they're not strangers or anything, but it's still so neat to have people think of you. We've also gotten eggs from this lady that raises chickens.

I'm still so citified though, that I was afraid everytime I'd crack open an egg to scramble, a dead baby chick would fall out instead.


Is it 5 o'clock yet?


Thanks to everyone that e-mailed me while I was taking my little break. It was nice to be missed.


I'll be back to "Who Would You Do" Monday's next week. Never fear. You'll get your weekly dose of gross soon enough.


Mama Dawg

21 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


HIIII!!!!!! Nice to see you again!!

Now send me some peaches. :)

Gaston Studio

Just participated for the first time in this meme and felt less stressed when I finished my ponderings. Might have to do this again sometime, but I'm like you, just how random is it if it's scheduled, etc.?


BOUT DAMN TIME! Don't make me come over there...and...and...eat your corn and all those great fresh things!

Went to see the g-ma this weekend when I was in Macon...she loaded me up with all her country home grown goodness. I have two bag of blueberries, one bag of pecans, about 30 tomatoes, 10 onions and a couple of peaches! I never leave there hungry!


We posted sticky traps to try and catch a mouse we swore was in the house. The next thing we knew we had beetles galore in the traps— didn't even know we had those things. Yuck.


She starts school tomorrow? I thought we started early with next Monday!

And count me as one who is looking forward to hearing about the rest of your Disney trip!

Did you use that album you won from me??


Glad to see you hanging around these parts again!!

Bobby G

MY GFs dog farts, it smells like garbage. LITERALLY

Mama Badger

Mmmm, sounds like you need to make some Peach Freezer Jam, and then send some my way.

In a weird turn of events, our local supermarket has started selling LOCAL produce for the same price as the import krappe. It's been a nice summer here in Ohio, finally!


The centipedes TOTALLY GROSS me out. I agree, they seem to be more prolific when it's damp outside.

I've been to the peach orchard twice and they've been awesome!


ya'll are killing me with these random tuesdays I can't keep up..

Melanie D

School starts tomorrow??? When did her school year end, mine don't go back for 6 weeks. I love this season for fresh fruit and veggies!!!!! Glad your back, missed your posts! How's the new pup?

Captain Dumbass

Dog farts. There's not much that's more ghastly than that.

Hey, is there some type of corollation between rainbow coloured cakes and Mardi Gras?

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations

PEACHES sound YUMMY !!! Sorry about the incident with your cat ... glad you're okay. I hate it when dogs fart ;--(
Kewl randomness ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

sassy stephanie

Ohhhh, know what you mean. We didn't get our garden together in time this spring, so our neighbors must feel sorry for us. They keep giving us car sized squash, tomatoes and other yummies. LUV it.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

chuck was always the best name in the song...


Now I have that song in my head. Millions of peaches, peaches for me...millions of peaches, peaches for free...



where the HELLZ you been, lady?? and you better get back on Titter.. i mean.. Twitter, too!

I miss your boobs. :)

Irish Gumbo

Welcome back, my dear!

Excellent randomosity...I wants me some peaches now, mmm...

Together We Save

Ok .... random!!

Life With Dogs

I'm still hung up on the dog fart - for obvious reasons. :)


You gots an award at my spot!

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