Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Like Noah's Ark But Not

One of my favorite things about living out in the country is all the animals that surround us. From wildlife like deer, skunks and snakes to domesticated animals (if you can call the kittens that) like dogs, kittens and horses.

We have a friend that lives up the road from us that houses her nephews horses in addition to the 2 older dogs, 2 rescue puppies and 3 rescue kittens.

Needless to say, LOML and I are in HEAVEN when we go over there. And we go often.

In fact, we've been to her house 3 times in the past week alone.

Between using her computer, watching cable TV and playing with the animals, LOML thinks this is equal to going to Disney World.

This is one of the rescue kitties. I love the "evil" squint he has going on. There's another one that looks just like him and the third kitty is grey and white. Of the three, the grey and white one is the friendliest. The others aren't unfriendly, but they just prefer the company of each other rather than humans.

Here's LOML feeding one of the horses an apple slice. This was the first time she had been up close and personal with a horse.

I love the expression on her face after she felt him gently nuzzle her hand and take the slice. Priceless!

Here's a short vid of her feeding the horse. Please excuse my parenting skills. She has this bad habit of talking like a baby sometimes when she's nervous and it drives me crazy!

Here she is holding one of the kittens.

I love seeing her so open and free with all the animals. Makes this animal loving mama's heart proud.

Of course, the cat looks put upon, but oh, well. That's what you get for letting her capture you!

And here she is playing with one of the puppies.

Look at that fat belly! And yes, I am referring to the puppy!

I wish I lived further back on some land so I could have a menagerie like this.

One day....


Mama "Old McDonald" Dawg

10 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


We have rescue kitties. But my girls still covet a dog. They go down the street to my neighbors and walk their dog all the time. The dog loves playing. The neighbors don't have to do the work. And I don't have to have another pet.

I bet your neighbors love the attention ya'll can give to their animals!


That kitty looks so funny. This is why I love cats so much. They just are who they are, and they don't care who knows it.

Captain Dumbass

I can send you some wild animals. They're almost house broken. Almost.

Trooper Thorn

You should have Michael Vick come spend some time with you so he can learn to appreciate the horsies and kitties and doggies too.


Kitty says "HALP!" LOML is so awesome!


She looks just like I did when I first got up close and personal with a, last week.

I want that puppy. Can you send him to me? Just email him, that will work.


awe how sweet is she and all the babies :-)


Love that horse - so much personality in his face!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Trooper and Dumbass are cracking me up and I forgot what I was going to write...

Oh. I remember. I want to live on a piece of property where I can have a menagerie too...


Your girlie looks so pretty with that red flower in her hair! :) And so grown! And, girl, SHE HAS YOUR LAUGH!!! That little after the horse licks her hand and she's surprised...SO YOU!!! :) Makes me miss you!

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