Monday, June 21, 2010

R.I.P. Mike

He passed away on Friday, June 18th. 15 days after his companion of 13 years passed away. I hate that we were on vacation when it happened, but he couldn't have been in better company with my mom watching over him.

That little girl that you ran from for years is missing you so bad right now. You were her J.D. and she is in such heartache for you. The way you went from not wanting anything to do with her to not wanting to be with anybody BUT her was amazing.

I will miss that sudden dip at the end of the bed when you would jump up to snuggle. I will miss the way that you would MEOW and demand that I feed you. I will miss that particular little chirping sound you would make when you would spot a bird. I will miss your soft fat belly and your long, long, long legs. I will miss the way you would allow Light to dress you up as Tinkerbell and pretend to make you play the piano.

You are in our heart baby boy, now and forever. Go and play with J.D. I know that's why you left us. You just missed him too much.


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I am sorry you were not there but glad your mom was. I had to read the text twice cause I could not believe it. Poor thing wanted to be with his best buddy. Now they are together. RIP Mike and JD.


WHAT! My god...I cannot believe Mike too! I am SO sorry. I am so glad your Mom was there. Much love to you and Light

Jaden Paige

I'm so sorry Emily and Light :( Thinking of you...

Snooty Primadona

I guess it's kind of like an old married couple that really loved each other. Once the first one goes, the other is seldom far behind...

I'm so sorry! Perhaps y'all need to go get another rescued pet.

Hugs to you & your daughter.


Much love to you and Maggie. I am so very sorry for your loss. I'm sure he's in cat heaven, playing like a kitten again with his buddy.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Ah Em, so sorry. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

unmitigated me

So sorry, Em. I was wondering what would happen after he lost JD. Love to LOML and you, both.


I'm soo sorry. At least he's with his brother again. =[


Heart just broke into a million little pieces for you and LOML.

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