Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Stinky Here!

At least.......not yet.

A friend of ours has such a huge heart and takes in all sorts of orphaned animals.

However, this time, I think she took in more than she could handle.

A neighbor had been having problems with an adult skunk spraying their dogs. The neighbor went out and shot the skunk not knowing it was a mama skunk and she was only spraying to protect her babies from their dogs. Once he found out that there were babies, he felt bad and wanted to find a home for the babies. So, naturally, he thought of my friend.

She invited us over the other day to come see the babies.

Oh, my, lord. Are they ever cute!!!

Light had no fear of picking them up. (yes, that is blue stuff around her mouth...think blue snowball).

Yes, she's kissing a skunk.

I love where I live. Simply love it.


14 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Ohhh I really MUST comment! I want, nay, NEED you to know that skunks make EXCELLENT pets. Ferrets are closely related to skunks and ferrets, like skunks, in order to keep them as pets, need to get fixed AND have their scent glad removed.

OHHH I REALLY want you guys to keep a skunk. SO FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!


SOOOOO cute! I hope she can rehab them so they can be released or go to a refuge. I have always liked skunks.


Ok, so I totally thought you were talking about me at first until I read further

Speaking of mini zoos, BOB misses you guys.. he is a noisy little booger


Just found your blog and love the baby skunks, soooooo cute!

I do give a rat's patooie!

Great blog

Trooper Thorn

Why would it not suprise me if you had a skunk for a pet?

unmitigated me

Okay, but heavens to Betsy, pick a better name than stinky!

Mom Taxi Julie

My Grandma had a skunk as a pet when my mom was little! (it had been de-sented)


You should name a skunk Flower like in Bambi.


who knew skunks could be so cute.


I was wondering if you were still around! LOML has grown! Hope you are having a good summer. Hugs!


I am imagining all the fun your family could have taking your new pets on public outings! What a hoot.


Miss you!

Mom Taxi Julie

Haven't seen you around and was thinking about you. Hope everything is good with you and your cute little girl!


I bet they'd be awesome pets...if you removed their stinky spray gland. They are ADORABLE!

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