Friday, September 25, 2009


Well, as usual, I'm late on these things. I wanted to get this up before the first day of fall, but alas, it was not meant to be.

We had a pretty good summer here. Granted, I was at work, but still. LOML had a good one. She practically lived at the pool. Turned brown as a berry and that's WITH 60 s.p.f. and multiple applications! She has the same kind of skin as I do. Or, the same kind as I used to have. After having LOML, for some reason, my pigment changed. I blame all the changes to my body on the pregnancy! LOL!

Anyway, when I was cleaning out the back porch one day, I stumbled across this tent that we've never put up or used.

LOML has never been camping and I've only been a few times. The thought of putting up a tent terrified me as I always saw in movies and whatnot how hard it was.

While LOML was off somewhere, I decided to pitch the tent in the yard to the side of the house as a surprise. I figured if we could practice camping in our yard, we'd finally be able to get up the nerve to try it out in the actual wilderness.

LOML doesn't quite understand the whole concept of camping as she decided that it was absolutely necessary to bring in photos and floor chairs and books and whatnot into the tent.

Who am I to correct her?

And to let you know the outcome of the evening.....we were back in the house by 1:30 a.m.

But not because we got scared.

But because Max heard a frog or saw a bat fly in the night or felt an invisible cat walk by him or something and WOULD NOT SHUT UP!!!

He has it in his head that if we're anywhere outside, he has to protect us from EVERYTHING!!! Including the wind.

Poor thing, I know he was only wanting to protect us, but still....c'mon, man. Give it a break! LOL!

We did have fun though. We might try it again in a couple of weeks when the nights are a bit cooler.

Also, for the first time, I brought out the Slip N Slide. For some reason, we have two of these. LOML had never been on one before (my bad, I kept forgetting to get it out for her to use).

I know you're supposed to put them on a flat surface, but it was more fun to do it on a hill. With the end being on the down slope of the hill! LOL!

She had invited her friend M over to play and then they got it in their little heads to play on this. Yes, they are outside in nothing but t-shirts and undies. Remember when you could get away with that?

They had a blast. LOML never really got over her nervousness of going down head first. She would never get a proper running start so she'd always stop halfway down the slide! She would then get to the end by doing flips.

At least she's creative.

This is LOML and Mike after that afternoon of hard play.

Well, hard play for her. Not so much for the lazy cat that sleeps 20 hours a day.

What's so remarkable about this cat is that literally, for the first four years of her life, he WOULD NOT BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS HER.

Now? Look at him! He's really asleep, too.

He lets her make him dance and lets her dress him up in doll clothes.

Where is my old curmudgeon Mike?

Here she is on a Sunday morning before church. The night before, she got it her head to put in curlers and sleep in them overnight.

She wanted curly hair for the next day.

Sigh......she's growing up so quickly. To totally embarrass her, she is now wearing a friggin' BRA!!!


And I won't even tell you about the other developments that have occurred. No need to have her commit hari kari before she's 10.

How was your summer?


Mama Dawg

10 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

sassy stephanie

Sounds to me she knows how to camp! I'd prefer the comforts of home in there too!

We rescued a little kitty that was 2 months old, per the vet. Fucking hawk snatched him. My girls are so beside themselves. Stupid circle of life.

Love LOML's curls!


She is getting too big! Put a brick on that child's head!

Jennifer and Sandi

She's such a cutie!! Looks like fun....ya should have invited me!!!!!!!

- Jennifer

Trooper Thorn

Backyard camping, sprinklers and slip and slides: the best cheap summer fun there is. And those are atill fun even late into our advanced adulthood.

Glad you had a good one.


LOML is such a doll! I love your photos. Glad to see you again, Mama!

Captain Dumbass

Do you have a room big enough to put the tent up in?


Aw man, the fun we used to have on the Slip 'N Slide. I am afraid I would break something if I did it these days. You know, it's a lot further to fall now. Oh, I should just do it.

Your daughter is just so cute. Wait till she turns 16 like mine. Argh.

Mom Taxi Julie

Great post!! You have such a great relationship with LOML. Your love for her shines through in all your posts :)


She's really growing up! What a beautiful child! And I love the tent escapade. lol


Well, that's weird...I always thought you brought pictures and chairs and books and curling irons and hair dryers and make-up camping. She is looking MIGHTY grown up in that last picture there...WOW! And bra time already...I tell ya, mine didn't quit growing until I was like 20 years old. Which reminds me...I need a new bra...

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