Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah...

...that's how I feel lately.

I'm feeling so disconnected from everyone and everything lately. I'll snap out of it, but still, it's annoying. For you guys AND for me. Well, mostly for me.


I woke up this morning to a sticky note on my t.v. from LOML. It said:

"Why did the veggie band have to break up?"

"Because it didn't have a beet."


I have no clue when she did it. It had to have been in the middle of the night. Because I turned the t.v. off and went to bed and it wasn't there. When I woke up at 5 this morning, there it was.

She's great. Yet another reason why I love her.


I had my underwear on inside out all day yesterday. I didn't discover this fact until I had been to the bathroom for the THIRD time. Call me clueless.


We have two skunks living under our house.

Correction: should have used the word "HAD".

I found their weetle dead bodies in the road yesterday morning on the way to work.

They were babies (or really, really young ones). I'd watch them walk and they tippy toed when they walked. The were sooooooooooooo adorable. I think they were killed by a car when they were trying to cross the highway to get away from the dogs that kept bothering them.


I don't have to work tomorrow. Whoo Hoo!


I've been enjoying the warm weather. I've been able to pick enough blackberries on my hill to make about 4 cobblers. And we have enough plums to make about 6 cobblers. I'm gonna be cobblered out this winter.


I'm weird with my desserts. I like my desserts to go along with my seasons. When it's cold out, I want cobblers and pies and spice cakes.

In the summer, I want Popsicles, ice cream and shakes.

I'll take cupcakes and brownies all year long, though.


I need more wine.


I'm so looking forward to July 18th. That's when I and a whole bunch of other people are going to see the new Harry Potter flick at the Prytania Theatre in New Orleans. If you live in NOLA, join us!


My underwear is on the right way today.

I think.


I'm back on twitter. Did anyone miss me?


Max turned 1 on Tuesday. Or at least, that's the day we chose to use as his birthday considering I found him starving to death and had no clue how old he truly was.

We celebrated by giving him a cookie and some chew toys. The fuzzy toy has already been buried God knows where and the rest are all over the yard. He's gotten obsessed with this rope toy that he got. He carries it around in his mouth EVERYWHERE.


Anyone else watching "America's Got Talent"?

I LOVE that show. I don't like American Idol. Too much singing. I love the different acts.

I still think Eli Mattson from last year got robbed. He was BRILLIANT!!! Not that Neal E. Boyd wasn't, but Eli is incredible. far I'm liking Kevin Skinner and that young magician. Oh, and the guy that was on last last night. That breakdancing had me jumping up out of my seat.

Updated to add youtube vid of Eli Mattson from last year:


That's it folks.

Have a great 4th of July!


Mama Dawg

14 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


One of Middle Child's friends is supposed to be on America's Got Talent. But it's some big secret and she can't talk about it....weird!

I love me some cobbler!!!

I've been in a crappy mood because it's July already....I hate to see summer go by.

Bobby G

That magician was COOL! Except for his creepy beard mustache situation! LOL


I know what you mean about feeling disconnected. It's a wierd & lonely feeling.

I'll have to remember your make me laugh.

sassy stephanie

I'm so not into it lately. I skim through posts and just totally bypass some. The ones I am reading, I'm rarely even commenting. Thinking of giving it all up. Dunno. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back on a super blogging kick. Who knows.

Ok, funny story. Be glad the undies were undies. My girlfriend, a fellow group exercise instructor did something WAY worse.

Picture it: a group cycling class at 5am. Which means, you get out of bed and get dressed pretty much in the dark at about 4:30am to head to the gym. So, my friend Gayle gets ready in the dark, and by get ready, I mean, throws on clothes, shoes and grabs car keys. Gayle usually wears fitted Nike shorts and a tank top. The room we cycled in was naturally dark, cuz peeps like it that way...riding in 'the zone'. So, at almost-5am, you can imagine just how dark it is. So, anywho, Gayle is up at the front of the dark class, members freshly out of bed staggering in, all making their way to bikes and adjusting seats, handlebars, etc. While Gayle is adjusting her seat, getting her mic on and turning on the stereo, a MALE member of her class comes up to the front to inform her that he thinks her shorts are on inside out. She was sporting her black shorts with the WHITE crotch inside out.

Wow, I think that could very well possibly be the longest winded comment I've ever left.


Swirl Girl

How do you make a tissue dance?

put a little boggie in it!

Mom Taxi Julie

Your daughter is too cute! So is it skunk smelly there now?


Hey Darlin,
I agree about Eli-but honey is doing just fine. I swear. He is a spokeperson for Cellcom and he has been doing concerts all over. A ton of charity work bless his soul. if you go to you can buy his Cd. It is awesome and all his songs. No cover tunes. Write to me anytime at and I will send you info on him!


Brownines and cupcakes...yes please! I've done the whole inside out underware thing of those head slapping moments. Hope you get out of your funk soon, been there before and it's no fun. Oh, and before I the note your daughter left for you...too funny!

Irish Gumbo

Sorry about the skunks, my dear.

Can I have a cobbler? Please? :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher

Sometimes it is hard readjusting to real life after a vacation.

Melanie D

LOML sounds like such a character! sorry about the know I don''t know if I have ever even had cobbler?

Bee and Rose

You always make me smile!

Cupcakes and brownies are year round favs here too!

Trooper Thorn

Also the band's concert was cancelled because of a leek. (I just made that up)



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