Friday, May 20, 2011


I was changing out of my walking clothes in to work clothes this morning. We just put up new mirrors in the ladies bathroom (we hold proms and pageants and throughout the year) and I caught a glance at my boobs in my sports bra. Specifically my nipples when seen through a sports bra and the first thought that popped in my head was:

"My boobs, in a sports bra, look like Shannen Doherty's eyes".

For those of you who know what I mean, you'll laugh.

You are most welcome for that disturbing image this beautiful Friday morning.

Love to all,

Mama Dawg

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Awesome, Totally Awesome!!!

My retired mother was sitting at home the other day and was watching one of those morning talk shows. An author came on and was talking about his book that he wrote called "The Book of Awesome" (Neil Pasricha). She was intrigued and asked my aunt down in New Orleans to swing by Barnes and Noble to pick it up for her so she could give it to my grandmother for Mother's Day.

It arrived and we flipped through it before she made me wrap it for her (aren't I a good daughter?.......and yes, that's a rhetorical question).

It got me to thinking about all sorts of little things in life that are awesome.

For instance, I had one just the other night.

Maggie (formerly known as Light or Light of My Life or LOML) had a softball game (see what all y'all have missed by me not blogging?). It's summer league so the games last either 7 innings or an hour and a half. Whatever comes first. And let me be the first to say that we've never seen 7 innings!

Anyway, at one of the practices earlier that week, a lost dog (not a stray since it had a collar but no tag) found its way to the practice field. It was a sweet, trusting dog. She was a mama dog and took a shining to me. I let her sit in my lap for most of the practice and she even fell asleep at one point. It was kind of sweet.

That's not the awesome moment.

So, when the game was over and we were packing up to leave, I saw the dog again. But, I saw some random kid using a black ribbon as a leash and the dog was refusing to go with him. She was shivering and shaking and clearly scared.

There was another lady also watching what was going on and made the comment that she didn't think the dog belonged to that boy. I told her I was pretty certain that it didn't since I had seen it earlier that week and he was no where around.

I put on my big girl panties and walked over to the boy. I asked him point blank if the dog was his and he said yes. I then asked him where he and the dog lives and he looked at me blankly. He said that he didn't know. I then asked him again if the dog was his and he finally said no. I told him that he had to take the ribbon leash off the dog immediately and that since the dog didn't belong to him and it obviously belonged to someone, it would be considered stealing if he took off with the dog. He took out a pair of scissors (who the hell carries ribbon and scissors with them....especially a kid?) and cut off the ribbon. The dog immediately came over to me and wouldn't leave my side. I went to a couple of houses in the neighborhood but none claimed her.

I drove back by later that night and saw the dog still at the ball park, so I obviously put the fear of ______ (insert your own word here...jail, God, crazy ladies, etc....) into the boy.

That was my moment of awesome.

Although.......I'm not quite sure that's what the author had in mind. I don't think "Scaring Little Kids Shitless" is one of his top 1000 awesome things.

But it should be.


Mama Dawg

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wow.....It's been like FOREVAH!!!

I've just been reading over some of my blog posts and realized just how much I missed it.

I think bloggy land has changed a bit since I was on last, but I'm willing to jump back in.

You can thank Erin over on Facebook for my return.

Let's see if I can get this thing jump started again.

No real post for now, but I'm working on one.

How's everybody been?

Missed me any?

Anybody get married, get divorced, have babies, moved, turned into a screaming banshee, eloped with Daniel Radcliff, adopted any minority children or squished a spider?


Mama Dawg

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