Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where, oh, Where Has My Little Dawg Gone?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Leave me alone.

I've been gone for a while.

And it's not because I don't have access to my blog at work or that I don't have the time to's, well, it's just that things are going so good that it's hard to find stuff to write about.

I like to read about happy things as much as the next person, but man, typing happy shit? That's hard.

However, Erin yelled at me on Facebook and I've gotten several other "polite" requests to get off my ass and write.......soooooooo, here I am.

Wanna know what's been going on since, oh, about Christmas?

I still LOVE my job. Seriously, I love it. Specifically what do I love? Dunno. I just love coming to work every day. And that's enough for me.

Still haven't weighed any cows. That's a bummer.

However, a couple of weeks ago we found a baby bunny here at work. I took him home and rehabilitated him and we let him go on Sunday out by my grandmother's land.

We named him Scooter. I wanted to name him Clyde, but I was vetoed.

Uh, let's see.....Oh, yeah....Light made Principal's Honor Roll for the whatever year it is that she's been in school. Kid kicks serious academic ass. Principal's Honor roll since Kindergarten. Dang!

She had her dance recital back in April. I still can not stand those things, but again, she danced circles around those other girls. I shouldn't be shocked each and every year, but I always am.

She just lost her 16th tooth and got $16 for it. I seriously think the tooth fairy was smoking dope when she made that contract with my kid cause she's seriously getting the raw end of the deal. The Tooth Fairy, not Light. She's raking in the dough.

Oh, and Light is now a Sharpshooter in Shooting Sports in 4-H. She went to the District Competition a few weeks back and came in 4th overall in her division and 1st for our county!!!!! Yay!!!!!

She also made class favorite for the second year in a row. Her picture is in the paper this week because of that.

They got out of school on Monday, so she's official a 5th grader now. When on earth did I become the mom of a 5th grader? She'll be entering middle school come fall. She's a bit nervous but excited as well.

Hey...we're going to Florida in a couple of weeks. My best friend Mimi invited us last summer to come spend some time with her and her boys, so, I booked some tickets and we're flying down on the 12th of June. We're flying back on the 20th. Yeah, 8 days. She has no CLUE what they're in and Light for 8 days. We'll see if she ever invites us back!!! We're getting 3 days in Disney for free. We're so psyched.

Oh and some of the biggest news of all. Light's teacher nominated her for this leadership forum that does a trip to D.C., NY and PA next summer. You have to be nominated to get the invitation. You then have to apply and if you get in, you then have to fundraise to get the money for the trip. It's such an honor to get invited. She'll get to meet the Iraqi Ambassador, speak to several senators and do some sightseeing. We're still trying to decide if we're going to do it. She's going to go ahead and apply and we'll take it from there.

That's been about it. I mean, I'm sure that there's some other stuff going on, but those are the highlights.

How have y'all been?


14 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


I am sooooooo freaking happy that your happy and that Mags is rocking it.... I cannot wait to you guys come to visit me..if it were up to me we would all live together in a big ol' house with lots of land and our zoo/rescue all around with the kids playing and all of us sitting around a big table at dinner..eating and laughing... sigh...hopefully one day!!


It's great to see a post from you! And many congrats to Light for all her achievements.

I have been majorly off the blog bandwagon - only 15 posts this year! We are busy...but nothing interesting is happening...same stuff, different days :-)

Mama Dawg

Oh, Murph. That's sooooooooo my dream, too. A huge old table right in the kitchen where we all sit around and eat and laugh and talk. And then after dinner, we all go out and feed and take care of the zoo. Sigh........tell Eric to get off his ass and make us a lot of money so we can make this dream come true!!!!!!!

Mama Dawg

Kat, I so hear ya on that. It's just so hard to blog these days. Glad to hear things are going good for you, too.

Jaden Paige

I am so with you on the not blogging deal... *sigh* I even put a blog post up with my summer goals, and one of them was to blog at least twice a week. Can you guess how many of the weeks since then I've reached that goal? Yeah, I think none. lol. But we are happy and healthy and glad to see a post from you!! Congrats to Light for all the great moving and shaking, not that I'm surprised, she is such a smart girl! Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend :D


Hey you!!! I have been keeping an eye out for you since I started back. Good to see you! Congrats for raising such a great kid, BTW. :)

sassy stephanie

Hey girlie. Things don't sound so bad. Sound puuuurty good, actually.

I've fallen off of the bloggy earth. I have not posted since November and barely read anymore. Just kinda over it. Plus, we are building our house (finally) and we are always outside now.

Tell the flip flop queen I said "HOLLA"!

Captain Dumbass

Holy guacamole! Supreme Leader just asked me a day or two ago what had happened to you.

unmitigated me

Say hello to LOML from me! I miss you guys.


Same shit, different day. Glad to have an update chica.

Trooper Thorn

I'm gl;ad you are back. THose are all awesome pieces of news about LOML. Don't go for so long next time.


You have left me hangin...on Twitter...again.


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