Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Literal Dan

As I promised sometime recently (here), I am going to try my darndest to post once a week about the blogs that I have listed under my "daily reads".

By reading comments that people leave on here and comments people leave on other sites I visit, I click on their blogs and then add them to my favorites on the computer. I then read a couple of posts and if it still holds my interest, I move it to my "new reads". I then try to take a blog from that list and start it from the beginning. If it still holds my interest, I add it to my "daily reads" and then at some point, I'll post about that blog.

I've previously posted about Dooce, Jodi and Tracey.

Literal Dan is who I'm going to blog about today.

Dan is a stay at home dad. Need I say more? That alone should pique your interest.

No? Want more?

He's hilarious. His observations of his kids and their every day lives is spot on and make for good reading.

I particularly like the conversations with his kids and the things heard around his house. Some of them evoke mental images that some days, I can't get out of my head.

He has a nice style of writing that I find is very different from "mommy" bloggers out there. I don't like a lot of "mommy" bloggers. When I say "mommy" bloggers, I'm talking about the ones that talk ONLY about their kids and not about anything else at all interesting. So far, I've only ran across a couple of those and I've deleted them off of my "new reads" list.

I digress.

You really need to go check him out. Especially his "Wanted: Baby for "Questioning"" post. That one is the one that hooked me and made me come back for more.

He may even make you one of his minions...believe me, this is a great honor.

In fact, the only reason I'm typing this post about him is that I'm trying to work my way up the minion ladder. I'll use anything in my bag of tricks to work my way up. Except my feminine wiles...and not because he's married to a seemingly wonderful and tolerant woman who could probably kick my ass but because I lost my feminine wiles somewhere back in 2000 or 2001.

Still lookin' for 'em.

May have to put out a "Wanted" alert for 'em.

Anyway, go check him out.

See ya next week for another version.


Mama Dawg

11 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


awesome, im going right now, surfed from sits!!! ill be back

Mama Dawg



This is awesome! I am totally going to check him out!

Mama Dawg

Cool, it's working!


Mommy bloggers also bore me to tears. The only ones that are worse than only blogging about their kids are the ones who only wax on about how great motherhood is.


One of the greatest blog compliments I ever received was from a woman who has her PhD, is very career-driven, has no kids and doesn't want any...and said that I am the only blog writer with kids that she reads because I'm not your typical "mommy blogger". I was SO flattered.

And you, my chickie, are not a mommy blogger either!!!


I'm gonna go check him out right now.

ps who says tomato ketchup anyways?? That must be a south thing.

ps again don't you hate it when the type written word doesn't pick up sarcasm!?! Your comment made me laugh...I'm a victim of the same problem. But I pick up yours loud and clear sister!!


What a great idea! Over from SITS, going to check out this blog now.


Wow, how do I respond to this? My ears are burning.

I can resort to cliches, which is easy, I could humbly say it's all true and then some, or I could just say thanks a million!

And by the way, it's a very tall ladder, but you just jumped up a few dozen rungs for sure. So you know, my wife's more than just seemingly wonderful and tolerant-- you don't know the half of it!

Since I haven't seen you fight, I can't be sure she could kick your ass, but knowing she was a cutthroat enforcer in her high-school-soccer days makes me know I definitely want to see that fight. Bllloooooood!!

Sorry about that.

Is losing your feminine wiles like having your tubes tied or giving blood? Do they at least give you a cookie afterwards?


Kathy, if the type written word couldn't be (with great exertion) forced to express sarcasm, I'd surely be out of a non-paying, time-sucking job.

And I'd likely be chased into police protection by crowds of angry people who didn't get the joke.

Mama Dawg

Yes, losing your feminine wiles is EXACTLY like having your tubes tied. 99% guarantee that you won't have another baby!

And no, I didn't get a cookie.

And now I want one.

You suck for bringing up cookies.

Mama Dawg

Oh, and you're welcome!

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