Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I've got nuttin' but bits and pieces today.

I'm feeling better. Both physically and emotionally. I'm working my way through some stuff. I'm actually writing it down. Like with a pen and paper! Wow. I haven't done that since high school. It seems to be helping. Thanks to the writing and physical activity (who knew it was so medicinal?), I'm doing much better. Thanks to everyone who's been concerned. You guys are terrific.

Still not at the point where I'm ready to talk about it, but I'm getting there. I do have a very important post to post sometime this week...maybe. We'll see. I just don't know how much to share, you know?


Sigh......I feel the need to retreat. Do you ever have those days where you want to get away from it all? Where you just want to leave everyone and everything for just a short bit of time? And be totally 100% alone? I mean, completely alone? Like Tom Hanks in Castaway? Find your own Wilson and whatnot?


So, I had yesterday off of work. I had to take Max to get de-balled. He is sooooo pissed at me right now. I mean, he's giving me the "death look" all the time. Except when he's in sleepy mode. Then he lets me love on him and snuggle with him. He seems to be recovering well.


I have to tell you guys what happened last night. I was in bed with a cup of tea, watching an episode of Buffy on DVD and painting my nails (Deep Chili in case you were wondering) when I heard that tell-tale scrabbling of little feet in the walls. I waited a couple of minutes and I could hear something rustling around in the kitchen. I got up stealthily (is that even a word?...if not, it is now) and rounded the corner into the dining room. I heard a mad scrambling and heard something run by my feet. I turned on the light in the dining room and saw a single saltine sitting at the entry way into the kitchen. The sight of that single cracker made me want to laugh. It was like I interrupted a break-in or something.

Anywho, I made my way into the kitchen and turned on the light. I heard some scrambling around in the pantry shelves and saw the shadow of something fall to the floor. I bent down and looked under the pantry and saw the biggest effin' rat! I tried to trap him by using a yard stick (quit laughing, I'm not Steve Irwin, y'all) and a rolling bin. It only caused him to run back up into the pantry shelves.

There he sat. 4 feet tall and carrying a big stick (ok, ok, he was more like 8 inches long, fat and had beady eyes, but still....he was scary). We stared each other down. I gently stood up on a stool and grabbed a butcher knife (one of my good ones, too, dammit) and eased back down. I very slowly moved a box that was in my stabbing range, all the while never taking my eyes from his.

All of a sudden, I lunged. I missed. He ran. Right past Max who, bless his little heart, tried to get him but he was still recovering from the anesthesia and his reflexes were too slow.

It was chaos as I tried to chase the rat all around the dining room. He ended up disappearing (how do they DO that?) and I gave up the chase for the night.

This morning, when I went into the kitchen to make coffee, I found the saltines box on the floor and a package of saltines sitting up right in the pantry.

Damn rat.


Swirl Girl sent me some interview questions. I love doing these. I don't know why. Probably cause it's all about me, me, me!

What 5 cd's could you listen to over and over again?

Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack, Uncle Kracker's "No Stranger to Shame", Shaggy's "Hot Shot", Jonny Lang's "Lie to Me" and Madonna's "Immaculate Collection".

What 5 articles of clothing would you have with you to wear for what could possibly be forever?

Jeans, sneakers, sports bra, my old LMHS football manager shirt that has paint splatters on it but is incredibly comfortable and a hat. Yes, I left out underwear. Yes, I know that's gross. But so is keeping on the same pair for eternity. I can't win that one.

What 5 foods (let's say there are endless supplies of whatever these may be) would you be willing to eat until/if you are rescued?

hummus, grapes, edamame, carrots and Hershey's Special Dark

What 5 people could you stand to possibly spend the rest of your life with?

LOML, Mimi, Vicky and I got no one else. Sorry.

What 5 blogs are a must read daily?

The Captain's, MAW's, The Irish, Ryan's and Jess's. If I only get 5 minutes on a computer, these are the one's that I immediately click on to check to see if there's a new post. I adore everyone that I read, but, these are the ones that are a must for me every day.

There's some rules to this, but I'm not in a rule following mood today (am I ever?).


Oh, lordy. While at home yesterday and writing my little heart out, I needed a break so I went to my room and stumbled across my hurricane bag.

My hurricane bag is one that I keep packed at all times with important papers in the event I had to evacuate for a hurricane and didn't want to take the time to find everything. Since I really don't need it much anymore, I've kind put it out of sight and forgotten about it.

I opened it yesterday and realized that at some point, I had cleared it out of important papers and all that was left was manuals to purchased items and some folders.

Boy, what a treasure trove of blog fodder did I find in those folders!

So embarrassing, but for your enjoyment pleasure, I'll post something from the folders each week.

Brace yourselves, it's bad high school poetry, writings and quotes.

And I mean BAD! LOL!

That's enough for me today.

Hope your Wednesday is going well.


Mama Dawg

31 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:

The Dental Maven

GIRL, you have some serious courage goin' after that rat! I'm scared to death of rodents. They carry guns you know.


Ooh. Your rat story gave me the chills. They are so gross.
Glad you are feeling better.

sassy stephanie

So, what do you think would be worse? Rat or snake? Ew. To both for me.

I get like you sometimes...I call it "hermiting".


Lawd you are brave! Just reading about your rat situation makes me want to go screaming like a little girl.
Love your answers to your interview questions. Buuuut... Madonna? Pls explain. ;)
Hope you're feeling better... Happy Wednesday.


A butcher knife and a rat?? You could make your own Buffy scenes!

rachael chatoor

K I would have screamed like a baby and ran away from the rat!

Find your Wilson, that's a great term!!

You need to add rachaelpachel to you list......; )

As for sitting with pen and paper, good, it will help, it's the best therapy EVER! xoxoxo

Snooty Primadona

Well, for someone who had nothing to say, you sure had a lot to say, lol.

Our cat brings in an occasional mouse, but I've never had to deal with a gargantuan rat. Ewwwwwww...

Be sure to stop by my blog. I have an award waiting for you!


Really?? Not just a regular old mouse but a RAT?? EGADS!

Julie H

I hope you are feeling better soon. I know what you mean about feeling down and just wanting to escape all by yourself.

My brother shot out the glass on his oven once trying to kill a rat lol.


This will reveal how deceptively high maintenance I am-had I found a rat in the house, my ass would have been high tailing it to a hotel until the exterminator had a corpse to show me.


Wow...this was a big bag of bloggy potpourri. Love it.

But I have to ask...and you should know by now that I'm going to:

What ep of Buffy? I have all 7 seasons on DVD. Of course. Partial to season 6. Because of a certain vampire boyfriend.

Captain Dumbass

I could have sworn I left a comment already? I'm losing it. Oh well. You're on my daily list too, sweetness.


Hope you are feeling be4tter soon.

Your rat saga creeps the hell out of me. Oh yuck. With a capital Y.

Swirl Girl

I swear that today - it's as if I am reading my own thoughts.

only my rat was in the BBQ (for real)

off to check out your must reads.


i love my alone time. i get to be with my fav person. me. ok, so i'm not always my fav person. but i'm the one i gotta trust the most. so i owe it to myself to know me. i'm glad writing is helping. it always does me.

wondering... what would you have done if you'd been able to stab mr. rat? like, then what?? lol you crack me up!

how do i get off the "*thinking about* blogrolling" list???!!!! :P


dude, I totally came across some of my old high school writing last summer. awesome.

and just remember, where there is one rat, there is surely more...


Hey Emily! I'm really sorry you're going through a rough time. Hang in there, ok? We have an old blog about a battle w/a mouse. You can read it if you want. :-)


Hey Emily! I'm really sorry you're going through a rough time. Hang in there, ok? We have an old blog about a battle w/a mouse. You can read it if you want. :-)


I will check out your must reads, love finding new blogs. I like Sassy stephanies term "Hermitting" I do it too.


One of the best lines ever from a movie comes from Grosse Point Blank "You get dental with that?"

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oh. my. god. a RAT? i am so scared for you. seriously. rats scare the crap out of me!! same with armadillos!! beady red eyes. eeeeeewwwww. and you went after it with a KITCHEN KNIFE? what happens if you actually stuck the rat? shafted him? oh lordy. rat blood. SHUDDER. i hope he goes away. far far away. and leaves your saltines alone. and yes. some days, i want every living thing AWAY FROM ME. like tonight. uh, even tho i'm blogging.... but i like you so it's all good.

here's to buffy reruns, crazy rats in the kitchen, knife-weilding women who want the world to shut up, disney and all about mememe's.


okay one more thing then i swear i'm done. go here: you HAVE to do this when ya'll go. my mom just sent it to me and it sounds SO COOL!!!


Um, I would've had the willies all night if I found a rat in my kitchen.


XOXO to youuuu!!


Your rat story kind of freaked me out. You're very brave.

J'Ollie Primitives

Ewwwww, RATS. I've got the heebie jeebies! Trays of rat bait stuck under the stove or in the pantry might solve Mr. Rat's question about what's for dinner....

My mom's friends found a rat running around in their kitchen. They somehow managed to chase it into the open dishwasher.

they slammed the door shut and turned the disnwasher on.

....and bought a new one the next day. Ewwww.


OMG..."there's a rat in mi kitchen whatcha gonna do...I'm a gonna fix that rat that's what I'm gonna do." Do you remember that song from the 80's? Here's a link just in case you forgot what a good song it was:


The single cracker would have cracked me up too.

And I can't believe you went after the rat with a knife! You're awesome. Kick ass rad.

And I have to retreat sometimes too. Away from people and silliness and everything. Except my kids.

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