Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guess Who Got Lucky Last Night?

*Edited...I forgot to add that the pic request was for you to pick up a camera at that instant that you read the tag and post it. Not just any pic...it's one of you...raw.

Yep. I did.

I sure did.

At least.....I think I did.

I don't remember it really.

But I'm sure I did.

When I rolled drowsily out of bed this morning, I noticed he left his calling card.

He must of been a leprechaun.

That explains the lack of memory.....he must have been too "wee" for me to feel.

I apologize in advance for this next picture. Both MAW and Churchpunkmom tagged me for this one.

Please excuse the lack of a haircut. I'm in dire need. Quit yelling at me.

Yes, I know I have disgusting habits. Bite me. Or should I say...pick me.

I wanna see pics of Rhea, Kat, Mariah, Irish Gumbo and Captain Dumbass.

Oh, and one other thing.

I'm so late on this....but....yesterday?

Was my one year blogiversary!

Yay me! 418 posts, 22846 visitors and countless new friends later...I'm just getting started.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!


Mama Dawg

32 really cool people who give a rat's patootie:


Happy Blogiversery nose picker!

The Panic Room

418 posts!! Freaking Wow. Happy One year.

Mama Dawg

Awwww.....y'all are so sweet. Thanks!

Irish Gumbo

One year in the blogosphere! Congratulations! I gots some catching up to do.

Pictures? Be careful what you wish for, my dear....

You want pics? Okay, there's a rest stop on I-95, in South Carolina, just north of the state line with Georgia. Meet me there tomorrow, I'll be wearing jeans and a hooded sweat jersy that says "Big Pecker's Bar & Grill". I'll hand them over then. AND DON"T TELL ANYONE...

Woops. I just did. Actually you can see a pic of me at the following:



And I am fully clothed in all of them but one! Trust me, its tastefully done ;)

Mama Dawg

Dude. I know that rest stop. I used to work it. Back in the day.

Heading on over to check 'em out.

Mama Dawg

How the hell have I missed all those?

Gotta go back and read your archives.


WOOT! Grats on your bloggyversary!

Keys to the Magic Travel

Whadya mean you want to see my picture? I'm there. Sometimes. And I have a profile picture.

Actually, tomorrow is Katie's birthday - I am sure that I can find pictures of me with her. I need to get to scanning.

Congrats on the one year anniversary!


Holy crap that is some prolific posting. Many congrats.

Oh, and the combination of nose picking and getting lucky....I'm just saying.

unmitigated me

1 - those glasses are really cute

2 - I don't have anything else, I just wanted to say the glasses probably look cute on you when you aren't making a goofball face.


I'm trying to focus on the lovely vacation scene on the calendar behind you.

Mama Dawg

That's actually a calendar from the dollar store if you can believe it.

All tropical scenes. Lovely.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures

Yay on one year! Man I am at 72 posts am already tired. Oh and love the picture too, it was a scratch not a pick right??? : )


I've always wanted to get it on with a leprechaun. That's awesome. It seems like you should get more out of the deal than a clover though...at least a pot of gold or a freakin' rainbow hickey.


and, ok, I'll play. It may take me a day or two to post it, but I'll do the photo right now...and I just woke up, so it's gonna be scary.

Heidi R.

its not the size of the ocean, but the motion of the ocean...right?? poor Wee man :)


Happy blogaversary!


awe... what a cute pictures.. reminds me of my 5yo. ;)

Captain Dumbass

Again? You want another picture? Wasn't the first one torture enough?

Congrats on your anniversary.


Happy Blogiversary! 418 posts! WOW!

The Stiletto Mom

Happy Blogiversary! And congrats on getting lucky...even if it was with a small man wearing too much green...which btw has happened to me before, remind me to tell ya sometime. :)


"he must have been too "wee" for me to feel." haha! good one!

happy blogiversary! WOO!


Ooooh!!! Pick me! Pick me! (Errr...)
PS- Twenty-two THOUSAND hits? Holy crapper, you are populars!!! Congrats on the bloggy-versary.

Mama Dawg

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Here's to many more years!


A blogiversary!!!??? Congratulations! Wow.


Congrats on getting lucky and your blogaversery!


Congratulations on your blogiversary! That's a big milestone! :)

Swirl Girl

Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

There seems to be a running nose picking theme today!


Happy year one! That's awesome! And, you're the only one I know of who's romped with a leprechaun. They must be fond of nosepickers.

Judy Schwartz Haley | CoffeeJitters.Net

happy blogiversary!


Happy anniversary from one nose picker to another... I'll get my pic done all special for you


definately, most definately Elizabeth Hasselbeck, she's sexy!

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